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a closely cropped haircut


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a large warship that carries planes and has a long flat deck for takeoffs and landings

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Russia has sold the decommissioned light aircraft carrier Kiev to China, the third retired Russian flattop now in China's possession, the state-owned RIA news agency said Thursday.
The art is highlighted in the cultural designs of the tribal cuts," he says, "but most of my clients prefer low cuts with designer lines or conservative flattops.
Cameo pop singer Larry Blackmon sports a skyscraper flattop.
This isn't an article on loads for the Flattop, but one of the loads that has shot extremely well in the few Flattops I've owned consists of 23 grains of Winchester 296 instead of the 22 grains of 2400.
Hunters, explorers and outdoorsmen in general, were quick to recognize the Flattop as a rugged package of powerful medicine for most any opponent.
Their discontinuance from Ruger's catalog in 1963 was a dark day in single-action history, as many regard the Flattop as the best balanced of all the Ruger single action revolvers.
44 Flattop sported a 6-1/2-inch barrel when introduced, and later was offered with optional lengths of 7-1/2 and 10 inches.
Like all Ruger single actions to follow, the Flattop has a solid cylinder--that is, it does not have a separate cylinder pin bushing as prescribed by the earlier Colt design.
Almost every feature of the Flattop was vastly superior to earlier single-action designs, except for one-the grip frame.
The Flattop is one of those "old-timers" that utilized a half-cock notch for loading and disassembly.
About 25 clients a day trickle in for flattops, weaves, shaves and perms - there's no appointment necessary.