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an associate who shares a room with you


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will allow us to provide a fully managed flatshare service to our growing
Currently in a Fulham flatshare, Sophie is concentrating her search on a slice of unused London garden - with a good chance of gaining planning permission - which she can buy from the owners for a GBP40,000 cash lump sum.
GEMMA CRAFT, joint partner at the UK-based flatshare website Spare Room, has come up with some simple and easy rules to follow to make sure that the flatshare you choose is as harmonious as possible
Flatshare is a modular fridge with individual compartments for people who live with several roommates.
My ex-partner knows but I've told him it's a flatshare and we're just friends.
Notice of Contract Award: Flatshare solution for wireless networks and print for use by written external examination
Elsewhere, the three Clapham friends who flatshare chatted single life, holidays and budget eating, while the Harrars did a delicious Indian take on Chinese pork ribs.
Rents are higher in a third of university towns than students are willing to pay and the cost of a room in a student flatshare has soared by 8.
Now we live in a flatshare with friends to keep costs as low as possible, but with bills, rent and the cost of living going up, it's just impossible.
Similar respect is due to the consistently funny nerd flatshare comedy The Big Bang Theory - currently achieving nearly the same ubiquity as Friends once did on E4 - which also closed with a wedding last week.
THE UK's biggest website for community classifieds, including flatshare, flat rentals and jobs.
O'Hagan says: "Rent is often the root of all evil in a flatshare.
alongside its already developed dating, flatshare, business directory and
Almost a third of homeowners struggle to make mortgage repayments, with many now contemplating taking in a lodger to ease the burden, according to research from flatshare website Gumtree.
Don't get caught out - here's how to spot the world's worst flatshare buddies.