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a type of video display that is thin and flat

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Mira is software for a wireless flatpanel display, which can detach and be carried around the house like a portable touch-screen tablet, while still communicating wirelessly with the computer.
And yet Intergraph Government Solutions has devised a way to attach its ruggedised 24-inch LCD flatpanel display to most work-space bulkhead surfaces.
Interlink Electronics has introduced the FSR Rugged Keypad, a new line of tough, flatpanel keypads made of stainless steel or rigid plastic.
Contract notice: Purchase of radiological equipment appropriate for digitizing devices and accessories, the existing analogue scanning systems utEdigitalizEilEisa, equipment relocation, existing ward mobile x-rays flatpanel detector utEdigitalizEilEisa, patient cd burning workstation installation, ensure existing pacs system extension interpreting workstation hardware, building internal ethernet network with existing pacs system converted from analog to digital and the parts, and the device has been replaced parts warehouse transit authority.
The new system includes a high power eightbay, 32panel Jampro model JFVD broadband vertically polarised flatpanel FM broadcast antenna, a model RCCC constant impedance FM combiner and a ProLine rigid transmission line system.
He said: "As nationally in December, we've had a tremendous demand for MP3 players, computers and flatpanel TVs.
is required replacement service dell optiplex motherboard workstation + davinci and fineview software with license for samsung flatpanel connection system and installation.
The world's chip factories operated at their fastest rate in almost four years in the AprilJune period, boosted by demand for chips for cellphones and digital appliances such as flatpanel TVs.
The comprehensive TV platform from Imagination Technologies enables rapid time-to-market for multi-standard SoCs targeting HD and flatpanel TVs.
Richardson offers Another Flatpanel Display Solution To Marketplace
Pixelworks' solutions process and optimize video, computer graphics and Web information for display on a wide variety of devices used in business and consumer markets, including flatpanel monitors, digital televisions and multimedia projectors.
Multimedia Applications on StrongARM based Flatpanel Embedded Linux Platform