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a type of video display that is thin and flat

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The one category that has given Glasgow pause in recent months are digital camcorders, which he said are more sensitive to demand because they lack the must-have status that flatpanel TVs now have with many consumers.
Entertainment items remained strong, led by flatpanel TVs, desktop and laptop computers, and digital products.
It also has new NXT flatpanel speakers, which are much slimmer than normal speakers.
LCD was also the main enabler of large flatpanel displays (FPDs) for television, and then the arrival of plasma made those FPDs even better.
A new line of 15" and 18" stainless-steel flatpanel monitors from CyberResearch[R] is rated at NEMA 4X/IP65 and well suited for locations that require frequent washdowns.
Much as execution long ago caught up with promise in the digital/analog battle, flatpanel technology has now caught up with and often surpassed CRTs.
Mira is software for a wireless flatpanel display, which can detach and be carried around the house like a portable touch-screen tablet, while still communicating wirelessly with the computer.
And yet Intergraph Government Solutions has devised a way to attach its ruggedised 24-inch LCD flatpanel display to most work-space bulkhead surfaces.
SV10 Series flatpanel computer and monitor systems are fully enclosed units featuring a 10.
But he added that flatpanel technology will eventually make computers much smaller and lighter, and that their price will continue to go down.
Interlink Electronics has introduced the FSR Rugged Keypad, a new line of tough, flatpanel keypads made of stainless steel or rigid plastic.
Xerox is pulling together a consortium that will spend over $100 million to expound on the firm's significant discovery in flatpanel display technology.
Medical imaging equipment to digitize suitable tools and accessories on-the acquisition of existing analog X-ray systems utEdigitalizEilEisa, equipment relocation of existing ward mobile X-rays flatpanel detector utEdigitalizEilEisa, patient CD burning station colony destined to ensure existing PACS system expansion interpreting workstation hardware, building internal Ethernet network between the existing PACS and converted from analog to digital components, and the device has been replaced parts warehouse transfer Contracting.
Banks are increasingly willing to extend credit and the unemployment rate remains low, contributing to our overall growth outlook for spending on consumer electronics devices such as PCs, flatpanel TV sets and smartphones A significant slowdown in external demand could have an effect on household spending, but the fundamentals of low household penetration of many digital devices, plus growing affordability, should keep the consumer electronics market on an upward trajectory.
The new system includes a high power eightbay, 32panel Jampro model JFVD broadband vertically polarised flatpanel FM broadcast antenna, a model RCCC constant impedance FM combiner and a ProLine rigid transmission line system.