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any of various breads made from usually unleavened dough

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25 signature martinis, half price flatbreads & select appetizers.
So we created a muffaletta flatbread, a basic thin-crust pizza topped with the classic ingredients of New Orleans' muffaletta sandwich.
From classic dough flatbreads to the signature footlong lasagna, the brand now offers its customers ever more reasons to visit with the promise that there is something for everyone at Pizza Hut.
According to British Baker's sister title The Grocer, Signature Flatbreads will be a en equal partnership between the European bakery major and Charles and William Eid, whose family established Honeytop in 1984.
Here we tell you about the nutritional values of a variety of flatbreads that you can try.
Hand-stretched and prepared with ghee (clarified butter) and fresh buttermilk following a traditional Indian recipe, Stonefire Sweet Chili Naan is made with crushed spicy red chili and sweet red bell pepper flakes to offer the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, say officials for Toronto-based Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads.
19 per six-pack) boast the same shelf life and are soft, white flatbreads containing 100 calories.
Grecian Delight specializes in artisan flatbreads, signature sauces and spreads, specialty meats, cheeses, appetizers, main dishes as well as desserts.
Flatbreads have become increasingly popular additions to the American diet as well.
4 tsp half fat creme fraiche 1/2 x 130g pack No-No Hot 'N' Spicy fat free flatbreads
It will serve Moroccan and Persian cuisine which is scooped up with flatbreads.
Corner Bistro Flatbreads bring the special restaurant touches you love about dining out into the comfort of your home
Tumaro's Gourmet Tortillas, Los Angeles, CA, has launched a new line of flatbreads incorporating Solae brand soy protein called Soy-full Heart flatbreads.
Their 12-inch, Old World-style flatbreads are hand-formed from whole grain flours and guaranteed to stay fresh in your pantry for as long as four months without preservatives.
Make the dough the night before, assemble the flatbreads before the guests arrive, and bake them just before you're ready to eat.