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Synonyms for shading

graded markings that indicate light or shaded areas in a drawing or painting

a gradation involving small or imperceptible differences between grades


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0 also adds support for creating 3D text, OpenGL rendering and acceleration, has major enhancements to the user interface and includes WireShade(tm), a new design mode that combines wireframes with flat shading to improve visual perception while creating models.
WireShade(tm) design mode, which enhances wireframe model representation with flat shading to improve the visual perception of complex surfaces during the modeling process;
ATI's 3D RAGE accelerates perspectively correct texture mapping; texture filtering and lighting; source and destination alpha blending; and Gouraud shading and flat shading.
These images are then converted into a vector file format (SWF, Sequential EPS or AI) and exported in a variety of styles including outlines, meshes, flat shading, average shading and gradient shading -- giving users control over image quality and file size.
In Figure 8, the scene has been rendered with flat shading to provide the reader with a frame of reference for subsequent line renderings.