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a type of video display that is thin and flat

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A spokesperson for iSuppli/Stanford Resources has said that the growth is mostly down to the falling prices of flat panel monitors - 15-inch flat panel monitor prices have fallen to around USD315 in the US while 17-inch models cost less than USD545.
works with VESA compliant or "zero foot print" flat panel monitors.
The IBM T Series of flat panel monitors range from 15" to 20.
These applications are moving in droves to flat panel monitors using AMLCD technology.
The HP LP3065 Flat Panel Monitor is available for immediate delivery from Voodoopc.
With our Plasma in Motion(TM) product they get a stylish, fully-functional entertainment system with the flat panel monitor included and an integrated remote, which runs the whole system.
8GHz), 1GB DDR2 SDRAM, 40GB(b) SATA 7200RPM HDD, Microsoft XP Pro operating system, 17-inch flat panel monitor, 8XDVD+/-RW optical drive(c), performance USB keyboard and 3-year limited warranty(a), reduced $100 to $1,439.
KDS USA, a leading provider of monitors and computer peripherals, today introduced its latest 19-inch flat panel monitor to complement its existing Radius flat-panel display line-up.
The new Dell UltraSharp 2001FP is a 20-inch LCD display and Dell's first flat panel monitor to feature 16 millisecond response times, which allow for distortion-free images during 3-D gaming DVD playback.
Offering dependable and powerful performance, the new HP L1925 flat panel monitor is ideal for workstation and business PC customers.
Utilizing patented image display processing technology, the gmZAN2 provides the new VAIO LCD Flat Panel Monitor with visibly better, sharper images.
NYSE: HIT), has introduced a 17" LCD monitor that has almost twice the response time of any other flat panel monitor on the market.
Dukane provides data video projectors, document cameras, visual presenters, overhead projectors, and flat panel monitors.