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a type of video display that is thin and flat

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works with VESA compliant or "zero foot print" flat panel monitors.
The IBM T Series of flat panel monitors range from 15" to 20.
The Jag-D is highly optimized to provide a mainstream XGA/SXGA flat panel monitor solution.
The HP LP3065 Flat Panel Monitor is available for immediate delivery from Voodoopc.
Arithmos PerfectColor(TM) technology provides true 30-bit color performance for color-correct flat panel monitors, while allowing for use of low cost panels.
The Silicon Graphics 1600SW flat panel monitor is currently supported for PC and Macintosh(R) platforms via a bundle with the 32MB Revolution IV-FP graphics card from Number Nine.
Offering our flat panel monitor to Dell's customer base is another step in our commitment to making our leading-edge technology available not only to Silicon Graphics customers, but to an ever-expanding circle of consumers who demand the best in digital displays," said Dave Orton, senior vice president and general manager, visual computing business unit, Silicon Graphics.
The Silicon Graphics 1600SW flat panel monitor incorporates a broad range of technical innovations, including the industry's first high-resolution digital flat panel interface and color stability that exceeds that of the best color managed CRT monitors.
NYSE: SGI) today announced that two of its newest products, the Silicon Graphics 1600SW(TM) flat panel monitor and OpenGL Volumizer(TM), have been named winners of the prestigious 1998 Computer Graphics World Innovation Award -- only two of twenty given out this year by the publication.
For example, Dell expects to be the first tier-one vendor to offer a desktop with certified NVIDIA(R) quad core graphics, one of the first notebooks with dual-core technology and the first 30-inch flat panel monitor list-priced less than $2,200.
ADVAN, who has earned a reputation in the Channel for delivering high quality and value within its TFT-LCD Flat Panel Monitor Line, will partner with AMD in displaying its products at the Austin and San Jose ITEC shows.
Plasma in Motion(TM) is a contemporary entertainment wall, which has a movable flat panel monitor attached via a mount panel with patented motion technology.
NASDAQ:ATYTF; TSE:ATY) today announced that the ATI XPERT LCD(TM) graphics accelerator board has been selected to provide digital flat panel support and leading graphics acceleration for a growing number of digital flat panel monitor design wins.
6GHz, 2GB DDR2 ECC SDRAM, 256MB nVidia Quadro FX 3400 graphics card, 80GB(b) SATA 7200RPM HDD, Microsoft XP Pro operating system, 17-inch flat panel monitor and 3-year limited warranty(a), reduced $460 to $3,948
With both the legacy analog VGA connector as well as the DFP connector included on the same card, the XCLAIM 3D+ enables end users to upgrade to a digital flat panel monitor without sacrificing the ability to use existing VGA monitors.