pes planus

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a foot afflicted with a fallen arch

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With respect to not finding of any study similar to present study in the results of searching articles and electronic resources; to achieve abundance of flat foot ratio in women group with urinary incontinence, the result from pilot study were used.
Compare of flat foot via scaling by observation in two groups:
No significant difference was observed between control and subjects with flat foot for the time of foot contact (T) for anatomical area related to toes (mask 1), metatarsal heads (mask 2), first metatarsal head (mask 3), lateral heel (mask 6), and internal heel (mask 7), p > 0.
Our results suggest, that the time of foot contact for navicular bone was in average 150% higher in flat foot subjects.
We took out a blank piece of paper, ignored the sacred bicycle frame rules and designed a new type of bike with improved comfort and control," says Benno Baenziger, Electra Co-founder/Inventor of Flat Foot Technology[R].
Electra Flat Foot Technology[R] sets a new standard in bicycle comfort and control, and has helped make Electra the top-selling Lifestyle and Leisure brand in the IBD (independent bicycle dealer) channel," says Elayne Fowler, Electra's Marketing Director.
A flat foot will cause more wear on the inside of the sole, especially in the heel area.
The overall objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of medical insoles on balance during walking in persons with flat foot was.
Washington, July 9 (ANI): New surgery, developed at Hospital for Special Surgery, could improve patient outcomes in individuals with severe adult flat foot deformity, a problem that is increasingly being seen in hospitals across the country.
The use of insoles in people with flat foot on ground reaction force (first peak, the second peak troughs) are not affected and only minor changes were observed in these areas.