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Synonyms for flatfoot

Synonyms for flatfoot

a policeman who patrols a given region

a foot afflicted with a fallen arch

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Babies often appear to have flat feet due to cramped positioning inside the womb, and the symptoms will abate with time.
Flat feet - Pes Planus to give it its proper name - is a relatively common condition.
DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: Be it flat feet, heart murmur, or dumb as dirt, something kept these guys from getting a badge and carrying a gun.
Results of clinical studies of individuals with adult-acquired flat feet have caused podiatric surgeons to believe that reconstructive surgery in the early stages of the condition can prevent complications later on.
Doctors have told him the pain he's experiencing stems from pronation, a common problem for people who have flexible, flat feet.
Flat feet kept some recruits out of the Army in World War II on the theory that their owners could never withstand the rigors of long marches.
Maybe your feet don't hurt, but flat feet can increase your fatigue; gradually knock your body out of its correct alignment; or cause pain in your legs, hips, and lower back.
I have suffered with shin splints for the past year because of flat feet.
Because flat feet tend to roll in (or pronate) during ballet, try to control this tendency by making an extra effort to work correctly in class, rehearsals, and performances.
Arch pain: People with high-arch feet and flat feet are especially prone to arch pain, which is the result of inflammation of the ligament on the bottom of your foot.
Adult acquired flat foot deformity is basically a severe type of flat foot that develops for unknown reasons in individuals who have had flat feet all their life.
To help busy parents with shoe choices, the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons recommends some simple guidelines to prevent or minimize possible foot problems from inappropriate shoes, such as painful ingrown toenails, blisters, heel pain and flat feet.
Flat feet, low arches, and loose ligaments also contribute to the formation of bunions.