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any of various breads made from usually unleavened dough

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It is a floured tortilla flat bread rolled with a beef filling and covered with a chilli pepper sauce.
05) when diets containing flaxseed supplemented unleavened flat breads were fed to rats.
Tabbouleh is at its best when served as part of a mezze, and this recipe with baby beetroot goes superbly with the herb flat breads above.
Parathas are thin, round, flat breads that are traditionally enjoyed as an Indian meal accompaniment and are gaining in popularity with consumers who, having become accustomed to naan breads, are now searching for new ethnic food experiences.
Chewy Italian flat bread bakes right on the barbecue
It is clear both nations love their flat breads (i.
Honeytop Speciality Foods, which supplies naan and flat breads to Asda,Tesco and McDonald's, has appointed Ian Martin as its new executive chairman.
Employing its in-house R&D department and test kitchen, coupled with automated equipment for cooking, chargrilling, slicing, shaping, baking and blast freezing, the company is able to provide outsourced new product development services in eight main categories - marinated meats; cooked meat strips; sandwich fillings; cooked sausages; burgers and grillsteaks; speciality stuffings; DIY snack kits and baked flat breads.
Bianca products include stuffed pastas of all varieties, cut pastas, grilled flat breads, and custom pasta sauces.
I, too, have always enjoyed good bread on my travels and would say that Italy makes some of the best bread available in supermarkets, while in Turkey recently we had some wonderful flat breads cooked over a wood fire oven.
Honeytop Speciality Foods, the leading naan and other flat breads producer, has invested [pounds sterling]750,000 in a new production line at its Dunstable factory.
Ovis Boske is expecting that, between 2002 and 2010, the market for Flat Breads (such as tortillas and wraps, but also naans, pittas, Swedish flat breads, chapatis, piadinas etc.
Honey Top Foods, tel:01582 671611, manufacturers of authentic naan breads and other flat breads, have won a contract to supply Iceland UK with a range of traditionally baked own-brand long-life naans.
These include pre-portioned aromatic garlic and herb, and cheese and herb flat breads, which retail at 1.