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any of various breads made from usually unleavened dough

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Kieran Walsh, Managing Director at The Flat Bread Company points out that an extra wide flow-wrapper was required to handle the tortillas, which are presented in a pack of six measuring about 20mm high x 368mm in diameter.
Here is my collaboration of ingredients which I rolled in a Mexican flat bread Fajitas Ingredients 1 packet of floured flat breads or tortillas Free range chicken breast 1 teaspoon of cumin seed 2 tsp paprika 1 clove grated garlic Olive oil Cherry tomatoes 2 sliced chillies 1 clove sliced garlic Pinch of brown sugar 1/2 a cucumber Rock salt Fresh coriander Yoghurt Method Cut the chicken breast into strips and marinate in the other ingredients for a couple of hours or overnight.
Chapathi is a whole wheat, flat bread popular in Asia.
Men in flowing robes offered them sweet tea in small glasses, and women swathed head to roe in black gave them sticky dates wrapped in freshly baked flat bread.
Sandwiches made from fresh, exotic sandwich ingredients, served on Pizza Romano flat bread.
QCan you tell me how to make a flat bread to serve with cold meats?
Smoked Trout and Brie Rillettes with Garlic and Chive Flat Bread
Well, they've taken pretty much the same ingredients and made them into large sheets of flat bread that can be stored in the cupboard and used as needed.
Chewy Italian flat bread bakes right on the barbecue
Patrons can also sample from a sassy selection of creative "club" cuisine, including Mini Black Angus Burgers, Smoked Shrimp Flat Bread or Herb Crusted Calamari, or take advantage of the club's tequila selection, which at 125 and counting, is the largest in the state of Texas.
A quesadilla is a Mexican toasted tortilla flat bread sandwich with a spicy/cheesy filling.
Over 150 lowfat international vegan recipes with nutritional breakdowns, including Romanian Apricot Dumplings, Pumpernickel Bread, Russian Flat Bread, Potato Knishes, North African Barley Pudding, and much more.
Wogan and the butteries - the salty flat bread delicacy loved in Aberdeen.
The seated dinner will begin with beautiful antipasti platters (four will be delivered to each table) with truffled artichokes, smoked salmon on an Oscar-shaped cutout of flat bread, bruschetta with goat cheese and roasted peppers or marinated tomatoes and basil, marinated mushrooms, asparagus with prosciutto, and Chino Farms chopped vegetable salad.
Cut the flat bread into cubes and scatter on a baking sheet.