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a small portable battery-powered electric lamp

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And in a city with a Police Department as woefully short-handed as the LAPD, does it make sense to spend a half-million dollars buying 10,000 new flashlights, rather than hiring five new cops or providing better training so officers do a better job of dealing with difficult situations?
This year, that flashlight is a central part of my household emergency kit," said Candysse Miller, executive director of the Insurance Information Network of California.
In a very short time, the Wavien RLT technology has changed the industry's flashlight standard from being measured in tens of meters to now one kilometer, and at a low price point that is reasonable to the general public," added Ken Li.
The need for security in the aftermath of such events makes flashlights a necessary part of any preparation plan.
This comes at a time when the city has a lack of money and wants to spend $500,000 to $1 million on flashlights, when it could be used for training or to hire more officers.
For over 20 years, Pelican's extensive lines of technically advanced, safety approved flashlights and high-impact, watertight, equipment Protector(TM) Cases have stood as the gold standard around the world.
Incidents/Injuries: The firm has received one report of a flashlight canister rupturing while in a consumer's hand.
Streamlight was instrumental in forming a coalition of 14 leading flashlight manufacturers to create standardized tests and a uniform rating system.
Functionalize's new LetterKit(TM) Flashlight lets users print functional electronics simply on single head 3D printers - all parts included.
Peterson was working in the construction supply business eight years ago, and while working on a project in China, he got turned on to the idea of making flashlights.
sells flashlights in abundance to their customers, which includes local law enforcement and self-defense customers to hunters and sport shooters.
When it comes to flashlights, I remember when their brightness was measured in "candlepower" rather than the modern lumens.
The beautiful collection contains items including Women's Clothing, Cheap Tablet PCs, Led Flashlights, Jewelry & Watches, and Home Appliances.
Brite-Strike Tactical Touch Flashlights can be turned on and all modes accessed using a single finger or thumb on one hand.
The website aims toward selling LED flashlights, flashlight accessories, and LED DIY parts to international customers.