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a card with words or numbers or pictures that is flashed to a class by the teacher

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The contract is the execution and delivery of flashcards / blocks with the logo of the campaign, "Your blood - my life" and the website address: www.
Practice Quizzes : Students are able to access pre-built quizzes or generate a self-quiz from any flashcard deck.
Create your own flashcards to study words you'd like to learn.
Complete the assigned lesson on the website and memorize new vocabulary on the flashcards before coming in for one-on-one studies.
Emma's flashcard was: "WE just found out that there are paparazzi outside the restaurant we were eating in.
The use of flashcards to assist children with mastering basic facts has been a common practice in education, but its use is often unsystematic and its efficacy not evaluated.
Thus, the actions of the TSA Officials corresponded to the level of concern raised by the flashcards.
CD with trainer notes and plan, Flashcard, PPT presentations and handouts
Ms Parry, from Pentre in the Rhondda, said: "As a parent of three young children who are learning to read I quickly realised that there were no quality Welsh language flashcards on the market.
Norman would use the flashcards to teach the boys to be more responsible with his equipment.
IF WE WANT CHILDREN TO memorize the capital of each state or the presidents of the United States, then 3x5 flashcards, at $0.
The third updated edition of CompTIA Security Certification Kit packs in everything needed to study, practice and succeed in the exam, pairing three in-depth study guides in a slipcased package that includes electronic flashcards, hundreds of sample questions and hands-on exercises, and an interactive CD package of two full practice exams and other perks.
Yet Nancy Dreyfus, a psychotherapist and couples therapist with more than two decades of experience in helping clients navigate the difficult passages in their relationships, discovered the power of flashcards during a particularly volatile counseling session.
Thanks to reference book publisher Oxford University Press, we have 25 bundles worth pounds 20 each of Flashcards, First French Words and a dictionary up for grabs.
Highlighting the significance of hand hygiene to combat the unnecessary spread of infections, the team used flashcards produced by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care to explain the message.