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transformation of a substance produced by the action of heat

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Influence of temperature and steam on the products from the flash pyrolysis of Jordan oil shale.
Flash pyrolysis LP obtained from wood in high yields has often been characterized as a dark and fairly viscous (10-55 cP at 70[degrees]C) tarry liquid, having density around 1.
from peat have been obtained using, respectively, flash pyrolysis and the fluidized bed technology;
Flash pyrolysis and in situ methylation of humic acids from soil.
The characterization procedure based on the fractionation of the oils on the first step with water and afterwards with organic solvents was successfully used to characterize wood and wheat straw flash pyrolysis oils [23].
Flash pyrolysis for the continuous conversion of reed into hydrocarbons.
Influence of temperature and steam on products from the flash pyrolysis of Jordan oil shale.
In literature, there are a number of studies with GOS such as slow and flash pyrolysis and hydropyrolysis [16].
Flash pyrolysis of fine-grained oil shale particles (less than 100 [micro]m in size), of low internal thermal resistance, heated with rates of the order of [10.
Flash pyrolysis allows practically complete decomposing of bitumen into volatile components [27].
A flash pyrolysis experiment of oil shale fine particles in the range of 0-0.
14, 15] on the basis of isothermal and non-isothermal weight loss using TGA, and by Kraisha [16] under rapid heating conditions in a flash pyrolysis unit.