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a grenade designed to be thrown by hand

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Flash grenades are designed to produce a blinding, deafening, yet ultimately harmless explosion.
officers detonated the first of at least three flash grenades, intended as a diversionary tactic.
And now, according to reports by the daily BirgE-n on Sunday, the Security General Directorate is planning to buy 77,400 sound bombs and flash grenades in 2015 to use at public demonstrations.
Riot police responded with tear gas, batons and flash grenades, and running battles broke out in the streets of the St.
A negotiator failed to persuade them to come out and the stand-off ended after five hours when the prison riot squad - nicknamed the Power Rangers by inmates - smashed down the door, threw in flash grenades and dragged the hostage takers out.
Police deployed noisemakers and armoured vehicles and fired tear gas and flash grenades.
During one confrontation, officers fired tear gas and flash grenades.
6 million tear gas canisters, 145,000 sound and flash grenades, 45,000 CS hand grenades and 45,000 tear gas hand grenades.
They added that confrontations erupted between Palestinians and Israeli forces that fired teargas and flash grenades, causing several Palestinians to suffocate.
Overnight, police started bombarding the Toulouse apartment with stun and flash grenades to try to "soften" the suspect and these tactics were ongoing Thursday morning.
In the worst incident so far, hundreds of police, dressed in riot gear, surrounded Occupy Oakland's encampment and fired rubber bullets (which can be fatal), flash grenades, and tear-gas canisters - with some officers taking aim directly at demonstrators.
Riot police used tear-gas and flash grenades as they battled with more than 5,000 demonstrators near the offices of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev.
At least five of the deaths were reported in the capital, Bishkek, where police fired tear gas, rubber bullets and flash grenades at the crowd.
Most of the blasts seemed minor, possibly stun or flash grenades, but one destroyed the roof and smoke billowed into the sky.
Greek officers used flash grenades to disperse violent protesters in Athens after attacks on banks and traffic cameras.