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nonvolatile storage that can be electrically erased and programmed anew

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Boasting random I/O rates of up to 9,500/sec, burst read/write rates of up to 40 MB/sec and sustained random read/write rates of up to 34 MB/sec, the E-Disk(R) SCSI flash disk provided ultra fast storage space for frequently accessed data such as e-mail password files.
has standardized on BiTMICRO's E-Disk(R) for the flash disk solid state drive storage requirements of its Recon(TM) Digital Video Recorders (DVR).
M-Systems (Nasdaq:FLSH) today released its newest solid-state flash disk, the IDE 4000, offering the most affordable flash-based memory solution for telecommunications, public safety and transportation markets.
We take pride in our capability and commitment to rapidly respond to our customers' flash disk solid state storage requirements and of course in the world-class quality of our products and outstanding customer support," adds Pasion.
5-inch Ultra ATA is an ATA-6 flash disk with an interface speed of 100MB/s, supporting Ultra DMA 5 transfer mode.
M-Systems' products include the DiskOnChip(R), DiskOnKey(R) and Fast Flash Disk (FFD(TM)) product families.
M-Systems' products include the DiskOnChip, DiskOnKey and Fast Flash Disk (FFD) product families.
Our Tiny Flash Disk provides full non-volatile, read/write disk emulation capability for those users who have limited space available," stated Mr.
In addition, the economics of these new flash drives combined with the increased capacities in standard form factors, greatly expand the applications among our historic flash disk customers in the industrial and defense markets, as well as addressing bandwidth intensive server and storage acceleration applications in a much broader emerging market previously the domain of HDD products.
SST also disclosed recently that it will provide its new high-performance ATA Flash Disk Controller to Apacer Technology Inc.
For applications requiring less than 10 Mbytes, the M-Systems Flash Disk is lower cost and more reliable than a hard disk drive.
MUNICH, Germany -- msystems (NASDAQ:FLSH), a leader in smart personal storage, and Wincor Nixdorf, the leading European manufacturer of programmable electronic point of sale (POS) systems, today announced that Wincor Nixdorf will offer their BEETLE POS family with msystems' flash disk, mModule uDOC, as its solid state storage solution.
SST brings mass-storage capability to a whole new series of applications by offering its flash-based ATA Flash Disk Controller as a stand-alone product.
Also exhibited in the show are e-Disk II Plus (USB flash disk+ card reader), i-Disk Connect (USB flash disk+ modular expansion of USB devices), i-Disk Combo (USB Flash disk + IO such as Bluetooth, Wireless LAN), i-Disk Laser (USB flash disk+ Laser pointer), i-Disk Bright (USB flash disk+ LED flash light), i-Disk Control (USB flash disk+ remote control), etc.