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17, 2011) ("When a computer user deletes a browser cookie, the flash cookie 'respawns' the browser cookie without notice to or consent of the user.
Examples of such cookies include Flash cookies in which user tracking data is stored in a little known Adobe Flash plug-in, and cache cookies in which the data is stored in the entity tags (eTags) used by browsers as a bandwidth saving mechanism.
Since flash cookies are not controlled by the browser, other browsers on the same machine can access the same flash cookies.
In addition, tracking technology is evolving as advertisers move away from Flash cookies, which iOS devices do not support, to HTML5 local storage.
Through the use of flash cookies and other technologies, businesses are tracking the online behavior of consumers collecting information about the sites we visit and the things we buy and using that information to target their advertising.
What's more, it's recently come to light that so-called flash cookies (used by Adobe's Flash program to set default volume levels, etc.
The technology created Flash cookies that recreated deleted traditional browser cookies.