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nonvolatile storage that can be electrically erased and programmed anew

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The camera lays images down either to the integral 11MB of Flash RAM or to an SD or MM card.
Memory out of the box--32 MB of base and flash RAM--is field-expandable to 256 MB base RAM and 512 MB flash RAM.
The office equipment manufacturer Olivetti has launched the Xsmall Organiser, its new card-sized organiser product with in-built 768Kb Flash Ram memory.
Non-volatility is a characteristic of solid state Flash RAM but one that generally comes with a price premium attached.
A small box enclosure contains a microSPARCII processor, memory (from 8MB to 64MB), Flash RAM (up to 8MB) and networking interfaces (10BaseT or 100BaseT).
Another trainer going well is Tim Easterby, who took the mile handicap with Flash Ram.
He performed respectably at Newcastle last week when finishing fourth to Flash Ram after making most of the running.
5mm Stereo Headset jack Bonus * * * Software * + Docs to Go + Docs to Go Special Multimedia, Camera, Non-volatile Features * MP3 Player Voice Memo, Flash RAM Multimedia, Multimedia, MP3 Player MP3 Player, SRP $129 $299 $249 Model Tungsten T5 LifeDrive Treo 600 Handheld Mobile Manager Smartphone Palm OS v5.
right arrow] iRiver has launched an iFP-500 "silicon audio player" series of portable music machines, with the flagship iFP-599T model touting an incredible ONE GIGABYTE of internal Flash RAM and a classy champagne gold finish.
50/MB--on a cost-per-megabyte basis the drive quite simply crushes its Flash RAM competition.
These upgrades, however, are not Windows drivers, they are software stored on the Flash RAM of the modem, a memory area which is always on even if the modem is off.
The high-end model will reportedly have a keyboard, mouse, flat-panel monochrome or color screen, modem and connection for ATM or ISDN, video conferencing microphone and camera and 4 Mb each of dynamic RAM and flash RAM in a two-pound, laptop-sized box.
By combining its expertise in Flash RAM designs and raid array configurations, L's design makes use of mass produced high-performance OEM memory chips and combines them in a small-form factor in packages of 4 raid interconnections, producing a storage solution ahead of the competition as future proof solution to any single chip memory card design.
There was a surprise in the mile handicap with victory going to the 25- 1 shot Flash Ram, ridden by Willie Supple for trainer Tim Easterby.
The camera records to SD memory card, has 10MB of onboard Flash RAM and is compatible with Seiko-Epson's "Direct Print"-capable printers.