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nonvolatile storage that can be electrically erased and programmed anew

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In addition to the new Linux versions, Datalight flash file system products are also available on leading commercial operating systems, including Microsoft Windows CE, Wind River VxWorks and Mentor Graphics NucleusPLUS.
Tuxera Flash File System prevents file system fragmentation on-the-fly without performance compromises.
These include the high-performance, royalty-free, RTX real-time kernel, Flash file system, TCP/IP networking stack, USB device drivers and CAN device drivers optimised for the peripherals of the specific MCUs they support.
In 1994 SanDisk introduced TrueFFS([TM]), which has been the leading flash file system for major mobile handset vendors.
Value-added software drivers and Flash file system software available to speed memory integration and increase device performance.
Providing high reliability and multimedia performance levels delivered through msystems' flash management technologies, such as the patented TrueFFS(R) flash file system, mDOC H-series is well suited to meet the growing demand for high density smart storage in portable terminals and other OMAP5912-based applications.
Complimentary Spansion FFS -- customized software drivers and Flash file system software
Also included is an example flash file system for persistent storage and a Linux root file system build environment.
Engineers are choosing Spansion serial Flash memory for its leading performance, automotive grade quality and temperature ranges, support for higher densities, complimentary Flash file system software and long-term product support.
FlashFX Tera flash media manager and Reliance Nitro file system comprise the Datalight flash file system solution.
Quadros also provides extensive driver support for the full range of on-chip peripherals of the ColdFire MCF532x and MCF537x families, including USB host and device software development kits, GUI development library and LCD controller driver; TCP/IP stack (v4/v6) with Fast Ethernet driver, IPsec/IKE with support for onchip hardware acceleration, FAT file system as well as high-performance fail-safe flash file system.
Complementary customized software drivers and Flash file system software
This is the first integrated solution that combines MirrorBit ORNAND products at 90nm (nanometers) with M-Systems' cryptography, logic and flash file system technology.