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nonvolatile storage that can be electrically erased and programmed anew

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This allows more virtual machines to be provisioned in a virtualized environment per storage system thereby reducing total cost of ownership verses traditional storage or less efficient, open source flash file systems.
First introduced in 1998, the company's flash file system products are deployed with four of the top six handset manufacturers and an impressive list of communications, military, aerospace, and industrial customers due to their performance, reliability, and time-to-market advantages.
2]C controller, PCIe interconnect, 256 MB SDRAM, 16 MB PSRAM, 8 MB NOR boot flash (for redundant 4 MB devices), 1 GB NAND flash (for non-volatile RAM and true Flash file system storage) and 512 KB socketed flash.
The controller's internal flash memory is factory preprogrammed with Embedded Flash File System firmware, which recognizes the external flash media upon power-up and performs all the necessary "handshaking" routines for media support.
BSQUARE has created specific technologies for the Industrial Automation market including: wireless LAN, CCD camera, AnyBus interface, BAR Code Scanner support, Comprehensive Flash File System support, remote upgrades, customized power management, specialized display drivers, specialized input device support, custom user interface, and more.
The Reliance Nitro file system and FlashFXe driver comprise the Datalight flash file system solution for eMMC.
The CompactFlash card controller is pre-programmed with an embedded flash file system which, upon initial power-up, recognizes the flash media devices, sets up a bad block table, executes all the necessary handshaking routines for flash media support, and performs the low-level format.
According to the company, HTC's newest smartphone, "Typhoon", contains 64MB of internal storage provided by Mobile DiskOnChip, as well as TrueFFS flash file system from M-Systems.
Encirq 3e for the HC(S)12 also comes with source code for a sample flash file system that provides for addressing the on-chip or off-board Flash memory.
In addition, SST's ADM products have built-in microcontroller and file management firmware that communicates with the ATA standard interface, therefore, the ADMs do not require additional or proprietary host software, such as Flash File System (FFS) or Memory Technology Driver (MTD) software.
The company also supplies the True Flash File System (TrueFFS) for use with its drive products.
M-Systems' TrueFFS is a patented Flash file system and set of technologies that performs full read/write hard disk emulation with an unmatched level of reliability and performance.
The QNX Flash File System and Embedding TDK provides read/write persistent storage that is resilient to power failures and provides a long, predictable lifespan for flash parts.