flash memory

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nonvolatile storage that can be electrically erased and programmed anew

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The base unit is also expected to include 1M Byte of RAM, upgradeable to a maximum of 16 M Bytes, for buffering network packets, and 256K of Flash EEPROM, for holding routing software and router configuration information on-board.
Toshiba has set a new production standard in NAND flash technology with its single-bit-per-cell 256M NAND flash EEPROM device, the SmartMedia NAND flash chip, says Semiconductor Insights Inc.
A first in the automotive electronics industry, today Motorola unveiled the first embedded processor to include one megabyte of FLASH EEPROM memory, the MPC565.
The controller provides a 64-bit wide port that operates at a full 125Mhz data rate, and supports SSRAM, SDRAM, and Flash EEPROM with up to a 1GByte-per-second transfer rate.
This partnership with M-Systems allows VIA to offer embedded developers a compelling single chip Flash EEPROM alternative incorporating 8MB storage, O/S and system boot functions.
A 2M bytes user storage capacity is provided on board using AMD's 16Mb Flash EEPROM.
has developed a NAND Flash EEPROM that supports copyright protection systems for applications such as downloading music files and electronic books from Web sites.