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trousers with legs that flare

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The 1970s gave us the three-day week, rising oil prices, rampant inflation and flared trousers.
Well it certainly pulls you in with its look back at the long hair, flared trousers and platform shoes of the era.
The full house of both young and old went wild as the curtain opened and Benny and Bjorn made their entrance wearing white platform boots, silky shirts and flared trousers, followed by Frida and Agnetha with their glittery head-bands, elaborate spangled cloaks and bottom-skimming skirts.
Luxury brands like Celine had suit trousers that were very simple, with tapered legs and leather panels, whilst YSL swept the catwalk floors with their statement, flared trousers.
He wore flared trousers, even though the '90s were just around the corner at the time.
At the London branch of Tussauds, the Poker Face singer appears in a Philip Treacy Telephone hat and a custom-made Giorgio Armani midnight blue suit with a double-breasted jacket, pagoda-style shoulders and flared trousers, which she wore on the Jonathan Ross show.
There, in tank tops and flared trousers, are the days of my youth, viewed as museum pieces while the world moves past in a blur of industry and progress.
Six-inch platform heels, glitter, crushed velvet flared trousers, multicoloured tank-tops and Afghan coats that smelt like wet dead dogs.
A pure white suit works wonders for the working day - Wallis' linen jacket, pounds 65, and matching trousers, pounds 40, and Jesire's fitted jacket, pounds 125, and flared trousers, pounds 79, fit the bill perfectly.
We just bought pedals and amps and guitars, and we just wanted to make weird noises, you know, and different sounds started coming out,'' says Harvey, a scruffy 19-year-old with long hair and a penchant for flared trousers.
Has your love of those flared trousers finally cooled?
While memories of the last severe oil shock in the 1970s are as distant as flared trousers, the world once again has noticed the beast lurking in the barrel.
TV presenter Abbey, 29, looked every bit the yummy mummy, cool in tight black flared trousers and skyscraper heels.
He was wearing standard garb for the era, courtesy of the Polikoff Factory at Treorchy: a Harry Hill-type high-collared shirt, tight-waisted check jacket, lime green flared trousers with turnups and red zip-sided Cuban-heeled boots.
There are a few photos I don't quite remember, of a young man with a Beatles haircut, velvet jacket, and flared trousers standing beside the famous.