Very light

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a colored flare fired from a Very pistol


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One of the most exciting discoveries has been a flare gun, still mounted on its original stowage.
Character Eric Cartman sings the track over a montage of scenes where his pal Stan blows up a whaling ship with a flare gun before unleashing Godzilla on the whalers.
Stephen Gilbert had the weapons, including a Springfield rifle and a flare gun, under lock and key at his home, Wolverhampton Crown Court was told.
CRASH-LANDING: The RAF Tornado that overshot the runway at Newcastle Airport; SCARE TACTICS: Mike Bennett, an airside operator at Newcastle Airport, fires a flare gun
15pm, staff at the Griff House Hotel, near Nuneaton, were threatened by three men armed with a crowbar, a flare gun and a metal bar.
He used handmade grenades and a flare gun to threaten her while she was in the bunker.
An intoxicated man with a distress-signal flare gun started a wildfire south of Quartz Hill, and Lancaster's municipal fireworks show started a grass fire that briefly closed the Antelope Valley Freeway.
LTJG Armando Marron fires a flare gun during a routine training exercise aboard USS Kitty Hawk.
He saw the machine with its wheels up but never fired his flare gun.
It can serve as a shotgun, an accurate big bore rifle, a handgun, and even as a flare gun.
Armed with what he claimed was a flare gun, and with his shirt pulled over his head to serve as a mask, he announced a holdup and ordered the five patrons in the store at the time to the floor.
I'll shoot you down with my flare gun when you fly over," I laugh while waving the bright-orange plastic pistol I'm moving to a side pocket to make room for a propane bottle.
Terrorists are smuggling the murderous gadget - a sailors' flare gun made from tough orange plastic - into Britain with little danger of being caught.