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a medieval country in northern Europe that included regions now parts of northern France and Belgium and southwestern Netherlands

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72 Friedlander, 1924-37, 2:54: "Ehemals betrachtete man Jan van Eyck als den Vertreter Flanderns, Rogier als den Vertreter Brabants.
Knowing the flavors and ingredients he wanted to use, but not the exact measurements, Van Flandern headed to chef James Sakatos to collaborate.
The target user in this case is the 'alpha mom', a demographic group identified by Constance Van Flandern as technology aware females who have a significance influence over purchasing decisions in households containing children.
The judges were top mixologists and cocktail experts including Brian Van Flandern, "King Cocktail" Dale DeGroff, Jerri Banks, Junior Merino, Le Neil Smothers and "Modern Mixologist" Tony Abou-Ganim, as well as Jack Robertiello, group editor, electronic media, for Adams Beverage Group.
Die Erntemenge im belgischen Flandern ist um 20% zuruck gegangen, verglichen mit einem 16,4%igen Ruckgang im gesamten Land.
By calculating under the condition that no detectable reduction in the size of the Earth's orbit has been observed, Tom Van Flandern arrives at the minimum speed of gravity of 2 x [10.
But that didn't stop scientists Brian O'Leary and Tom Van Flandern getting excited about the prospect of little green men.
Thomas Van Flandern will take Q&A and present findings representing contributions by dozens of researchers, including physicists, geologists, engineers, and image processing specialists from several organizations.
Strengthening the client support team based in New York, the firm hired Francesca Loo as client services director and Deborah Van Flandern as account management director, reporting to Mike Ross, partner and vice president, sales and marketing.
One of the things that got to Constance Van Flandern the most in the days after Sept.
In an effort to revisit all the classic cocktails and make them more food friendly, I started to explore making my own tonic water," says Brian Van Flandern.
Tom van Flandern is another straight talking, no frills man of science.
The patient, a 45-year-old man from West Flandern, Belgium, has suffered from symptomatic atrial fibrillation for the past six years.
Van Flandern said she was quite happy for the new queen, although during the coronation she told the crowd how "strange and wonderful if I were slug queen twice," playing off this year's Eugene Celebration theme, "Strange you can believe in.
Constance Van Flandern, last year's SLUG queen, hosts this month's First Friday Art Walk.