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Synonyms for flammable

Synonyms for flammable

easily ignited


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Oxnard Fire Battalion Chief Terry McAnally said officials believe the fire was deliberately set because a specially trained dog sniffed out flammable liquid poured in different areas of the building.
The grant will be used to train the dogs to detect flammables, called accelerants, used to set suspicious fires.
Garages, maintenance shops, and woodworking shops are at high risk for damage by fire because of improper storage of flammables.
Each cabinet is packed with paint, lubricant, oil, engine primer, sealing compound, spray adhesive and other flammables and HAZMAT.
Wilson recommended that selectmen approve the license and said, "This facility will be selling Class I, II and III flammables normally found in that store.
Do not store oxidizers in same compartment with flammables or combustibles.
They stress the need for providing adequate clearance around homes, storing firewood away from structures, and clearing flammables for at least 100 feet on downhill slopes-measures that might have saved Oakland.