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Roman statesman and general who built the Flaminian Way

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When Hannibal had arrived Etruscans (Etruria), he decided to lure Gaius Flaminius in battle with him by deliberately wreaking havoc around the farmland estate.
Gaius Flaminius led the Roman army to the column through the narrow channel of the lake.
celle de Caius Flaminius ou de Vibius Pansa, consul en 43 av.
Qui plus est, le gout de Claude pour l'histoire et notamment pour Tite-Live qui l'encouragea dans sa jeunesse a ecrire une histoire (79), a peut-etre joue, lorsque l'empereur a caracterise son adversaire Scribonianus comme un guerrier impie, puisque Tite-Live avait depeint comme tels le consul plebeien Caius Flaminius (XXII, 1, 3) et peut-etre l'un des deux consuls de 43 av.
His advisors had urged him to send scouts out in advance of his main body, but Flaminius was concerned about revealing his exact position and thought it better to let Hannibal guess.
Before noon, Flaminius, along with 15,000 of his warriors, lay dead.
At the end of Believe As You List, although Antiochus is morally vindicated and Flaminius personally discredited, Machiavellian Roman statecraft remains victorious.
Flaminius rejects cautious counsel before the battle of Lake Trasimene and sarcastically implies that Arezzo was hardly the fatherland.
I argued that we have to deal with a lacuna of more than one word, since Flaminius could never have begun a speech to troops who had not been present in the consilium with immo.
5) In the main plot of Medwall's play, Publius Cornelius and Gayus Flaminius compete for the heroine, while in the subplot, their servants, identified in the text as A and B, fight over Lucres's maid.
William Houston, for example, as the treacherous Roman over-lord Titus Flaminius, is breath-takingly fine.
12) As for truma, its sense as a disciplined body of soldiers is proved by the Old English Orosius, which translates |cohors' by truma, and notes that the Romans were defeated by Hannibal at Trasimene because Flaminius paet folc buton truman laedde |led the army in randon order.
Flaminius, at the battle of Lake Trasimene (Trasimeno) (April) and the appointment of Fabius Maximus as dictator (May), he commanded the fleet in coastal defense and in sorties against Sardinia, Corsica, and the African coast; resumed direction of the army (November); appointed proconsul and skirmished with Hannibal's forces in Apulia (March-May 216); commanded troops in the center of the Roman line at Cannae, where he was killed (August 2, 216).
the Roman army under the command of the Consul Caius Flaminius was devastatingly defeated by Hannibal in the famous battle at the Lacus Trasumenum.
Flaminius at Lake Trasimene after earlier bypassing that army near Pisae (Pisa) (April 217); crushed much larger Roman army under G.