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Roman statesman and general who built the Flaminian Way

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GET two nights B&B in a standard room at the three-star Hotel Flaminius in a leafy area of Rome from pounds 122pp with Dec 4 return Gatwick flight.
wider den Melancholischen Teuffel (1569), and Valerius Herberger's, Leichenpredigt auf Flaminius Gasto (1618) vividly exemplify how 16th-century Lutherans used medicinal theology to offer Christian instruction and consolation.
A third part consists of a small group of edited works of this genre: a work against "hellish sadness" by Wilhelm Sarcerius of 1568, a denunciation of the "Devil of Melancholy" by Simon Musaus (1569), and a memorial sermon on the occasion of the death of the physician Flaminius Gasto (1618) by Valerius Herberger, discussed before.
4) In this debate, the Roman Fulgeus's daughter Lucresse must choose between two suitors: the wealthy and nobly born Publius Cornelius, who is morally degenerate personally, and Gaius Flaminius, a man of lower birth who is morally upright.
Twenty-four June 217 BC: As the early rays of dawn crested the steep hills surrounding the crystal blue waters of Lake Trasimene, Roman proconsul Caius Flaminius pulled his heavy cloak closer about his shoulders.