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a weapon that squirts ignited fuel for several yards

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used, back-pack flamethrowers with 50-yard ranges and 10-second durations.
The German success in capturing Fort Eben-Emael, Belgium, with infantry flamethrowers spurred the Chief of Engineers, General Julian Schley, to request the development of flamethrowers for his engineers.
In a few cases, crews used flamethrowers to kill the three-inch locusts on tourist beaches on the Spanish island.
We don't have the flamethrowers we had last year but we have better defense and our hitting is better,'' said manager Jeff Neave, Corey's father.
And flamethrowers were needed to thaw the ice on Pennsylvania before Kennedy took the oath of office.
More than $1 million worth of equipment was displayed Saturday, including vintage tanks, WWII German motorcycles with sidecars, various weapons and four flamethrowers.
He staged a monumental spectacle at the Brits - hundreds of his mates in hoodies on stage going bonkers, swearing like troopers, flamethrowers blazing high into the air.
In The Flamethrowers, she looks at the turbulent 1970s through the eyes of a young artist.
A spokesman for the fire department advised against using flamethrowers on spider-webs, saying "It's a common sense thing.
Of interest to military historians and technology enthusiasts, this comprehensive look at man-portable flamethrowers developed by the United States army showcases the design, construction and historical uses of these weapons throughout the twentieth century.
OUR story on weapons in schools, revealing children had taken in axes, guns and flamethrowers, prompted a bulging postbag.
The attack on striker Keith, 18, came just two weeks after a gang of thugs with makeshift flamethrowers laid siege to his family home in Portobello.
4) While this experiment proved that obsolete vehicles could be restored to utility using attachable flamethrowers, other vehicles were under consideration for use as flamethrower platforms.
We found on the floor a rusted iron tube, which turned out to be a tank for inflammable substances used in flamethrowers carried by U.
That battle was won with grenades and flamethrowers,'' he said later over lunch.