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guitar music composed for dancing the flamenco

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a style of dancing characteristic of the Andalusian Gypsies

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The typical, and mistaken, impression of flamenco music is of "passion" and "sexiness.
The closing night was also full of surprises with performances by Spanish bailaor Joaquin Cortes, who made the audience vibrate with traditional flamenco music, as well as by pianist and Grammy winner Chucho Valdes.
Guests will enjoy drinks and live flamenco music at the Happy Fuel Lounge, a happy beach, massages, Happy Fuel-themed cookies from Sweetery, and other inventive ways to promote and spread happiness.
BURSA, Jul 3, 2011 (TUR) -- Renowned pop-oriented flamenco music group "Gipsy Kings" will perform as part of the 50th International Bursa Festival in north-western province of Bursa on Sunday night.
The director of the programme, Tomas Rodriguez-Pantoja, has a wealth of experience in playing and hosting Flamenco music performances around the world.
During the 1800s sailors arrived in Spain with the new rumba rhythm from Cuba that Spanish gypsies then integrated into their own flamenco music to create "rumba flamenca.
Glasses of perfectly pitched Rioja and classic flamenco music rippling along in the background set me thinking about booking another Mallorcan walking holiday, just as our three main course dishes arrived.
Maybe go to a concert of flamenco music, or Borneo jungle music, whatever it might be," he says.
Yesterday's party included performances by guitarists playing flamenco music and community theatre group Sez-U which performed scenes from its latest show.
I like all kinds of music, but best of all I like to listen to Spanish flamenco music - you won't have heard of any of the artists involved, but I've got some fantastic stuff.
The opening performance is a journey through flamenco music and dance from the 17h Century to the present day, showcasing a selection of Spanish music and dance.
Eugene's Ballet Fantastique will perform variations from the ballet "Don Quixote" and dance to flamenco music of "Mission Impossible.
CALABASAS - The blistering rhythms of flamenco music and dance opened the third annual Calabasas Cultural Festival on Saturday at the Leonis Adobe Museum, where hundreds had gathered to help celebrate the city's rich past.
This one carries the same principle - mixing jazz and flamenco music - but with a smaller group.
In addition, the festival will present five days of flamenco music and dance, cabaret-style, at the Aspen Club Lodge.