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a weapon that squirts ignited fuel for several yards

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The flame-thrower was included as 52 per cent of cyclists named "cars and lorries passing too close" as their number one complaint.
The flame-thrower was included as 52 pc of cyclists named "cars and lorries passing too close" as their number one complaint.
CRASH Wrecked car he imported from Italy BANG Set off fireworks at home Picture exclusive Balotelli's hotel room flame-thrower WALLOP Banned for stamping
However, Furze will not be legally allowed to use the flame-thrower on the road.
This is a guy who can take a team to the World Series and if his flame-thrower arm is fuelled up in Seattle, the result is not in doubt.
One driver told how he was undergoing psychiatric counselling and another said he had been attacked by a pupil armed with a lighter and aerosol to form a mini flame-thrower.
Other artillery available in each player's arsenal include the charge-based Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP), a variety of pistols, submachine guns, a flame-thrower, and other character-specific weaponry.
It has been reported his security minister was executed by a flame-thrower after falling out of favour with the pint-sized maniac.
Short of using fingernails or a flame-thrower, how on earth do we get them off?
Throw in doubt over the pitch conditions (ground staff used a flame-thrower in an attempt to dry the wicket, but scorched the marquee covering the track) and you have a far from ideal betting proposition.
NORTH Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has executed a minister by flame-thrower in his relentless purge of regime officials.
Car-jacking has become such a fear that inventor Charles Fourie has devised a flame-thrower which can be fitted underneath cars to incinerate would-be attackers.
Known as model 267, it came with extras such as 12 firing rockets, a flame-thrower exhaust and chain slasher.
Suspicions were aroused after a gold-plated Kalashnikov and matching flame-thrower - reportedly a gift from Colonel Ghaddaffi to the IRA in 1986 - were found to be on sale at a stall in Nutt's Corner last month.
Colin Furze has built a flame-thrower into his scooter that can hurl fire 15ft.