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a weapon that squirts ignited fuel for several yards

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Ten flame throwers, ten hand grenades and 800 G-3 bullets were unearthed in the land in Poyrazkoy district of Istanbul which belonged to Istek Foundation.
Ames enters a brutal three-day chal lenge in order to gain his freedom, competing against vicious criminals like Tyrese Gibson, but trained by Ian McShane to drive a monster Mustang V8 Fastback complete with flame throwers and napalm.
Toward the end of their set - which was filled with dazzling special effects including flame throwers, giant satellites and lasers - last night (17.
11) "9th Infantry Division Flame Throwers APL's In Vietnam Served Many Units-Affectionately called 'Zippos,' 1967," River Currents, Mobile Riverine Force Association, Vietnam, Volume 13, Number 1, Spring 2004, p.
More than 20 people living near the park in Splott, Cardiff, took action when they started vandalising cars and making flame throwers.
And German industrial metal heads Rammstein, supporting 2004's Reise, Reise, Reise, are convinced they will deliver the live spectacle of the year when the flame throwers roll in to Newcastle on July 14.
On 29 May 2003, the 41-year-old allegedly planned to use aerosol canisters as flame throwers when he attempted to take over a flight with 50 people on board.
drainage system and fire up the flame throwers to do battle with the pesky critters.
No sooner have you cleared a section of deep space with explosive bullets and flame throwers than they pop up again and start sucking people's faces off.
Weapons vans appear throughout the game to equip the Interceptor with offensive weapons including machine guns, missiles, EMP weapons and counterattack weapons such as oil slicks, smoke screens and flame throwers.
The scene was about the troops using flame throwers on the big jungle creatures.
The Irish Daily Mirror has been told the recently decommissioned arsenal amounts to just 97 weapons including: FOUR Webley revolvers THREE pistols FOUR shotguns 30 handguns 28 assault rifles SEVEN GPMGs - general purpose machine-guns 19 fuse detonators, and TWO hand grenades The cache amounts to a fraction of the amount of weapons put beyond use by the IRA seven years ago when it handed over 658kgs of semtex and 1,226 weapons including flame throwers, assault rifles and surface-toair missiles.