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a weapon that squirts ignited fuel for several yards

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Police conducted an inspection in the area and discovered a flame thrower and some other guns.
fcf But as he approached the finish line, a trackside fire cannon - comprising loud bang and flame thrower - went off prematurely.
Contract awarded for Supply And Delivery Of 165 Units (Set) Of Flame Thrower In Support To Controlling Of Rat Infestation In The Region For The Year 2014 With Abc Of P1,100,000.
The shining black replica, which will be auctioned on November 30 at Mercedes-Benz World in Brooklands, Surrey, comes with a fully operational flame thrower and hydraulic suspension, Metro.
Colin Furze, 30, proudly showed off his modified scooter with an anti-tailgating flame thrower operated by the flick of a switch for the first time this week.
It was like a flame thrower, with a three-foot jet of flame", said Mr Dobbin.
To the sounds of the City of Coventry Corps of Drums, and with entertainment from flame thrower James Pettigrew, the firm celebrated with clients and guests.
Celebrating National Hamburger Month in May is Dairy Queen with its new Flame Thrower burger of two patties, jalapeno bacon, pepper Jack cheese, Tabasco chipotle mayo, lettuce and tomato.
But he can expect strong opposition from Street Cry as well as Bob Baffert's hope Flame Thrower.
He also pleaded guilty to publishing instructions on how to make a flame thrower out of a water pistol but denied one count of soliciting to murder.
Colin Furze, who fitted his scooter with an anti-tailgating flame thrower operated by the flick of switch, was nabbed for an alleged firearms offence.
It has caused an argument in the house as Ian thinks the best response is a dignified silence whereas I am insisting he does it, allowing me to blast into the room with a flame thrower
Baffert, about to win his sixth successive Del Mar training title, dominates the track's 2-year-old racing in particular, winning the Futurity with Silver Charm (who went on to win the 1997 Kentucky Derby), Souvenir Copy, Worldly Manner, Forest Camp, Flame Thrower and Officer.
Bob Baffert, white hair, black sunglasses, touch of the smartass, walks Flame Thrower to the track.
I think she prefers to think of me as good old mum, you know, not some person running around a spaceship with a flame thrower," she added.