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resistant to catching fire

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The first commercial applications incorporating GORE[R] PYRAD[TM] Flame Retardant are military outerwear and workwear such as in-weather protective clothing for oil & gas use.
In this case, a dilute solution of a phosphorus-based flame retardant was directly applied to a nonwoven as a finish by padding it onto the nonwoven and leaving it to dry.
In fact, he obtained manufacturers' documentation on all the polluting monitors stating that they didn't contain the flame retardant.
Dechlorane Plus can be used as a flame retardant in nylons and epoxies using several different syngerists to obtain a UL 94 rating.
Chlorendic anhydride solid reactive flame retardant contains a stable bicyclic structure.
According to Clariant, Exolit EP 150 is a low viscosity liquid, which makes it suitable as a flame retardant for infiltration processes.
In terms of value, the global market for flame retardant chemicals is expected to grow from $7.
BASF completed the switchover to the new flame retardant in close liaison with its customers.
Generally speaking, regular flame-retardant recycled polycarbonate plastic contains around 55% added new polycarbonate plastic and approximately 15% flame retardant) SORPLAS incorporates Sony's own unique sulfur-based flame retardant, which achieves flame resistance equivalent to conventional flame retardant but with only the tiniest amount added - less than 1 per cent overall (or less than one-tenth of conventional flame retardant weight).
The required weight of flame retardant is so small that conventional properties of the plastic can be retained.
In addition, compared with typical flame retardant films such as polyimide, the new film reduces cost by a factor of up to 10.
According to a recent study by research group, Ceresana, the market value of flame retardant additives for plastics will rise to approximately US$7.
solved this problem by adding a phosphorus flame retardant having a melting temperature of less than 150[degrees]C, along with a blend of solid intumescent flame retardants.
For rigid urethanes, a diol of tetrabromophthalic anhydride (PHT-4 Dial) is used as a reactive flame retardant.
com)-- The new market study by Ceresana Research forecasts that global flame retardant revenues will rise to approximately US$5.