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a terrestrial evergreen shrub or small tree of western Australia having brilliant yellow-orange flowers

north Australian tree having white flowers and broad leaves

south Australian tree having panicles of brilliant scarlet flowers

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Napoli added that the Chinese Flame trees he planted on the west side of his two-story house five years ago have already grown high enough to protect his upstairs bedrooms from the afternoon sun.
Elspeth sailed out to join her parents at the age of six; her memories of these early, pioneering days, with whites and Africans living parallel and mutually incomprehensible lives that intersected only on certain levels, are rendered in exquisite prose in The Flame Trees of Thika and its sequel, On the Edge of the Rift.
The Kikuyu, as Huxley wrote in The Flame Trees of Thika,
As a result of the widening, 26 trees will be removed, but 50 new Australian Flame trees will be planted.
Thika town, located 50 kms north of Nairobi, is the place that inspired Elspeth Huxley's famous autobiography, Flame Trees of Thika.
The imagery and atmosphere strike the American reader as Australian: desert, brownsnakes, cicadas, jacoranda trees, lemon trees, paw-paw trees, flame trees, and, yes, kangaroos.
Pee Wees at the Point stands surrounded by flame trees on a spectacular site in a nature reserve at the eastern point of Darwin Harbour and Fannie Bay.
We wind through savanna, bush, forest and coconut palm groves intertwined with flickering flame trees and shining bougainvillea.
Pacoima Beautiful Youth Environmentalists organized volunteers to plant about 100 chitalpa and Chinese flame trees on Van Nuys Boulevard.
It's where our names are, hanging like flesh from the flame trees.
Castara and Englishman's Bay, with their backdrop of lush green forest dotted with flame trees, are idyllic, quiet spots for a day out.
Castara and Englishman's Bay, with their backdrop of lush green forest dotted with red Imortelle flame trees, are idyllic spots for a day out and never get too crowded.
As we travelled our driver pointed out vivid flame trees, glorious lilac jacarandas, the scintillating metallic displays of superb starlings and, as our mini-bus started to climb into the Aberdare mountains, the black and white Colobus monkey.