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Irish writer of short stories (1896-1984)

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But, after complying, Flaherty decided to go on holiday to London in June, meaning she missed a probation meeting.
The judge told Flaherty to complete the original sentence and added a twoweek electronically monitored curfew between 9pm and 7am.
By developing a plan to maximize Mary Ellen & Brendan Flaherty Realtors' reach among Internet users in the greater Baltimore area, Prospect Genius will help the business gain a leg up among real estate agents serving the region.
Flaherty preferred to bear witness to his faith in action.
He said that he had never known that he would have to pay tribute to Mr Flaherty at his funeral only weeks after the veteran politician announced his retirement from politics.
Mr Crossland said that Dr Flaherty had been diagnosed with Charles Bonnet syndrome, a condition that causes visual hallucinations, but that he did not have a severe case and that it did not extend to physical sensations.
On Monday, the defendants filed a joint motion seeking additional time (until March 14) to respond to the complaints, which stem from domestic assault and battery charges filed against Trooper Flaherty three years before.
Flaherty admitted charges including aggravated vehicle taking and driving illegally with a provisional licence.
Speaking to the Economic Club of Canada, Minister Flaherty recounted how actions taken early in the Harper Government s mandate, such as cutting taxes, investing in infrastructure and eliminating a significant amount of federal debt, positioned Canada to emerge from the Great Recession faster and stronger than virtually any other industrialized country.
I am proud and honored to be given the opportunity to lead TEG," Flaherty said.
Before his deployments, Flaherty coordinated more than a dozen new food and facilities management installations throughout the Southeast for his employer.
Lauren Flaherty replaces CMO Penny Wilson, who had held the post for two years.
Steven Flaherty, superintendent of the state police, in late September directed the department's 17 chaplains to use non-denominational language at events such as trooper graduation ceremonies and public memorial services for officers who have died in the line of duty.
Edward Flaherty, 74, was convicted of killing wife Ina, 69, with a tie after she refused to give him money to go to the pub.
Arriving in the Inuit community of Inukjuak, on the east coast of the Hudson Bay, in 1920, Robert Flaherty set about filming his influential film Nanook of the North.