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Synonyms for flagstone

paving stone

Synonyms for flagstone

stratified stone that splits into pieces suitable as paving stones


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It was the measured tread that we had heard before on the flagstones outside.
A sense of stairs descended as if in a dream, of flagstones, of a chaise and horses standing, then a street, and a turning into another street where a stage-coach was standing, taking in passengers, and the darting thought that that coach would take her away, perhaps toward home.
Ten men would have found difficulty in moving that tub, but by some mechanical contrivance it had turned with the flagstone on which it rested.
When she opened them she was looking at her mother's maiden name, fairly carved on a blue flagstone on the pew floor: Ellen Lashmar.
In this space lay a large and heavy flagstone with a rusted iron ring in the centre to which a thick shepherd's-check muffler was attached.
The cradle-rockers had done hard duty for so many years, under the weight of so many children, on that flagstone floor, that they were worn nearly flat, in consequence of which a huge jerk accompanied each swing of the cot, flinging the baby from side to side like a weaver's shuttle, as Mrs Durbeyfield, excited by her song, trod the rocker with all the spring that was left in her after a long day's seething in the suds.
Yes," said Lakor, "no amount of fighting ability would have saved him from the pivoted flagstone.
And I think the Nipper recalled that name as he ground his heel upon an unresponsive flagstone.
Around a great fire which burned on a large, circular flagstone, the flames of which had heated red-hot the legs of a tripod, which was empty for the moment, some wormeaten tables were placed, here and there, haphazard, no lackey of a geometrical turn having deigned to adjust their parallelism, or to see to it that they did not make too unusual angles.
They (the thieves) had stacked the flagstones in piles of 10 near the entrance.
The layby will be sited outside Craghead Village Hall in Standerton Terrace where flagstones have been broken by parked cars.
Inspired by stone walls she saw at England's famous Chelsea Flower Show, Marilyn Herlihy Dronenburg of Fallbrook, California, dry-stacked flagstones to frame raised beds in her vegetable garden.
All of the flagstones were removed and initially they did not look that bad.
Review and forecast data is included for categories of the paving materials market like Cement & Concrete Tiles & Flagstones, Natural Stone Setts, Kerbstones & Flagstones, Bitumen & Asphalt and Glass Paving Blocks.
We are delighted with the roll out of the Classical Flagstones brand which is a name synonymous with quality stone flooring.