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a town in north central Arizona

a tall staff or pole on which a flag is raised


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Nor was there any drawback on my little turret bedroom, beyond there being such a very thin ceiling between me and the flagstaff, that when I lay down on my back in bed, it seemed as if I had to balance that pole on my forehead all night.
A sailor found them by the flagstaff that - that night," sobbed Mrs.
Have some brought from the reserve," said Napoleon, and having gone on a few steps he stopped before Prince Andrew, who lay on his back with the flagstaff that had been dropped beside him.
On either side the path that led to the gate stood two tall flagstaffs.
With Betteredge's help, I soon stood in the right position to see the Beacon and the Coast-guard flagstaff in a line together.
Nothing could be more simple; but to make sure he brought the book out on the bridge for the purpose of comparing the coloured drawing with the real thing at the flagstaff astern.
You wonder what may be the use of this tall flagstaff in the by-street, with something like Liberty's head-dress on its top: so do I.
Whether he stood still, leaning with both hands on the flagstaff, or, bearing it upon his shoulder, paced slowly up and down, the careful arrangement of his poor dress, and his erect and lofty bearing, showed how high a sense he had of the great importance of his trust, and how happy and how proud it made him.
You will find me beside the flagstaff upon Miller Hill.
Beside it was a bare flagstaff, and underneath it a man, his hat drawn down and the collar of his overcoat turned up.
Everywhere, too, were flagstaffs devoid of flags; one white sheet drooped and flapped and drooped again over the Park Row buildings.
PHOENIX -- Arizona Physicians IPA (APIPA) and Flagstaff Medical Center today announced an agreement that will provide beneficiaries of Arizona's Children's Rehabilitative Services program (CRS) with access to the medical center and its affiliated facilities and physicians.
The Coffee Beanery is on North Highway 89 just north of the Flagstaff Mall on the west side of the road.
Horizon and Flagstaff government, community partners and businesses will celebrate the inaugural flight Monday with an airport fire department water-cannon salute over the arriving plane, a ribbon-cutting ceremony, and a presentation to Horizon of the keys to the city by Mayor Sara Presler.
He added that the existing situation that forces the staff to shuttle between the Castle and Flagstaff House is inimical to progress.