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the chief one of a related group

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the ship that carries the commander of a fleet and flies his flag

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The flagship bore down upon us, and as she swung gracefully to and touched our side a dozen officers sprang upon our decks.
Dejah Thoris went aboard the flagship, and was much put out that I would not follow, but, as I explained to her, the battle was but partly won; we still had the land forces of the besieging Zodangans to account for, and I would not leave Tars Tarkas until that had been accomplished.
Upon the quarter-deck of the flagship, sheltered by a canopy of velvet and ermine, which was suspended by stout supports, Henrietta, the queen dowager, and the young princess -- with the admiral, the Duke of Norfolk -- standing beside them -- watched with alarm this slender bark, at one moment tossed to the heavens, and the next buried beneath the waves, and against whose dark sail the noble figures of the two French gentlemen stood forth in relief like two luminous apparitions.
Summoning Carthoris, Tars Tarkas, and Xodar, we entered the small flier with Kantos Kan and Zat Arras' officer, and in a moment were stepping to the deck of Zat Arras' flagship.
Fifteen minutes later we received orders from the flagship to proceed toward Helium.
I suppose that we shall have a woman hoisting her pennant on the flagship presently, and taking command of the Channel Squadron.
They will also include the key stylistic elements of our other Japan flagships, such as polished stainless steel detail, a limestone facade, white travertine marble flooring and bleached walnut cabinetry.
The 7,300 square foot store (approximately 680 square meters) on two floors was designed by Michael Neumann Architecture, LLC and includes the key stylistic elements of our North American flagships.
The 7,300 square foot store (approximately 680 square meters) on two floors will be designed by Michael Neumann Architecture, LLC and include the key stylistic elements of our North American flagships.
The two REI Flagships will feature specialty shops dedicated to the outdoor activities of camping and hiking, bicycling, climbing, and adventure travel, with the Denver location also offering winter sports and paddling specialty shops.
It has one flagship store at 18th & 6th in Manhattan, and has announced plans to open additional flagships next year in New York, Chicago, and Seattle.
In 1990, Southwest unfurled the first of its flagships, Lone Star One, "a high-flying tribute to the indomitable spirit that makes Texas a true state of mind.
Arab NewsZain KSA inaugurated the latest flagship in Tabuk on Jeddah Street-Almahrajan Neighborhood to be part of its many Zain World flagships around the Kingdom.
The Graphene Flagship, one of Europe s first ten-year, 1,000 million flagships in future and emerging technologies, was introduced previous week.
In defiance of well-established conventions of sea warfare, the opposing commanders and their flagships engaged each other.