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a person who is whipped or whips himself for sexual gratification

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a person who whips himself as a religious penance

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Enlightment conceptions of flagellation as innately sexual thus projected backwards onto the religious tradition even as they created new models for flagellant practices in the future.
Indeed its spread may lead to irreversible catastrophe in the same way the flagellants may have hastened the spread of the Bubonic plague in 14th century Europe.
Those who believe the views of the acceptable ideology with too much fervour might, indeed, be comparable to the Flagellants.
The Jain monk who starves to death does so in a ritual way; the flagellants in Damian's monastery do their practice in a regular, ritualized way while reciting the Psalter.
Familiar though we are with the terms Marxism and Nazism, Cohn described how they shared a "common stock of European social mythology" with the apocalyptic medieval movements such as the Flagellants and the Anabaptists.
He shows how consumers drew on their own resources to find new sources and bypass old ones, resulting in the gaudy religious market of the 14th century with its variety of religious orders, painted churches, and flagellants.
Even people who have never watched a Bergman film know about this one, in which Death plays chess with a medieval knight while priests lead lines of flagellants and crucified witches and the plague has everyone wondering if this is the end of the world.
Crucially, documents came to light in June 2004 that positively identified the New York and Boston panels with this altarpiece, painted for a lay confraternity of flagellants in the hospital church of Santa Maria della Bella.
If the treacle failed to rid you of your bulbous black spots, you could join a procession of flagellants and march across Europe beating the plague out of your body with a studded whip.
The waves of the plague were intersper sed with the growing popularity of flagellants, whose "flagellum" became one of the most potent penitential symbols.
Still, it is tempting to draw upon the similiarities in the procession of flagellants that mark both the tenth day of Muharram and Good Friday in such Catholic strongholds as Spain.
Sputnik turned the West into a community of guilt-ridden flagellants in much the way the Black Plague had affected medieval Europeans.
The flagellants shed their blood in imitation of Christ and for the remission of their sins.
asserted that "it has been rightly said that even Klaus Fuchs, the Rosenburgs and others who betrayed the atomic secrets of Los Alamos would have been afraid to tamper with the soul-shattering secrets of the black-hooded, naked flagellants who enact a sacrament of torture, agony and death each Easter and then soak the New Mexico soil with the blood of their `Christ'" (Lefebure quoted in Weigle 1976: 109).