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  • noun

Synonyms for standard-bearer

an outstanding leader of a political movement

the soldier who carries the standard of the unit in military parades or in battle

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Foreign states see Iran as the flag-bearer of the war on narcotics," General Moayyedi told reporters in the Western city of Khorramabad on Sunday evening.
At the Moscow Olympics, I was named the flag-bearer but had to skip it as I had a competition soon.
Wallwork and Robertson, England's flag-bearer at the opening ceremony, won European Championships bronze in Manchester in April but are now after Commonwealth gold.
Redcar comedian Chris McGlade is the evening's MC and Mollie Williams, a nine-year-old skater from Berwick Hills who represents Great Britain in Italy next month, will be the flag-bearer for the Bulgarians' ring walks.
A FLAG-BEARER and a piper led a long procession through Dyserth yesterday for the funeral of retired soldier Harry Sweetman, who died shortly before his 90th birthday.
ISLAMABAD, 20 March , 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- Minister of State for Communications Imtiaz Safdar Warriach said on Friday that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) government which is flag-bearer of democratic values, freedom of the press and judiciary and spirit of welfare of the masses, will be able to overcome all the problems faced by the country.
The Tizzard flag-bearer gathered himself up to scrap his way past Halcon Genelardais.
August 8, 2008 (BEIJING) Co In a show of strong commitment to Sudan and Darfur particularly, the United States has chosen one of Sudan's C[pounds sterling]lost boysC[yen], Lopez Lomong, tonight to be the flag-bearer of the U.
Each of Team GB's team leaders had the option to nominate a candidate for flag-bearer, in consultation with their athletes.
For valiantly being the country's sole flag-bearer in what is still a minority sport, we salute you.
delegation enters the Olympic Stadium with flag-bearer Chris Witty, above, during the festive opening ceremony on Friday, which included the lighting of the Olympic flame, below, to offically start the Winter Games.
Tires used in a recycling yard have a life expectancy similar to the flag-bearer in old-time battle formations, and they face almost as many hazards.
KATE HOWEY, Great Britain's flag-bearer at the opening ceremony, opened her bid for a third Olympic medal in emphatic fashion.
Everything about Sony--its history, its leadership and its flag-bearer status for all things Japanese and high-tech--means that the world has come to think of it as a company of commercial "big bangs.
Guillermo Rossell de la Lama isn't the most convincing flag-bearer for Mexico's impoverished indigenous population.