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Synonyms for flagpole

surveying instrument consisting of a straight rod painted in bands of alternate red and white each one foot wide

a tall staff or pole on which a flag is raised


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UK Wood Recycling has donated PS750 to the Redcar Royal British Legion to buy a flag pole with internal ropes to prevent vandals from cutting them and stealing the flag.
The buildings on the project include the Parliament, Government House, Bishkek Mayor's Office, National Philharmonic, American University in Central Asia, Kyrgyz and Russian Drama Theaters, National Academy of Sciences, Bishkek Humanities University, Wedding Palace, Medical Academy, Manas Monument and Flag Pole at Ala Too square and others.
Bunky and Patty Beard of Oakridge celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last month by running her wedding dress up their flag pole and letting it fly in the wind.
Following the renewal of its Green Flag status, the Eco Council wrote to several companies asking if they would donate a flag pole.
The branch, who own the flag, said it was taken down to be cleaned but said the lock on the flag pole was forced, costing money to be replaced.
The Ministry of Education will raise the UAE flag on Wednesday on the biggest flag pole installed in a governmental department in celebration of the national celebration.
Wearing a t-shirt printed with the Taiwan flag, a man has turned himself into a human flag by balancing horizontally from a flag pole at Taipei's Liberty Square.
Posting on his Facebook page yesterday morning, Sir Alan wrote: "After flying the Union Flag for the Queen's visit to Alnwick last week and for Armed Forces Day at the weekend, I am very disappointed to see that it seems to have been stolen from our office flag pole.
DANCE WITH A POLE When I was a boy and the lads scored a goal, There was nobody in their right mind danced with a flag pole.
The letter was sent out to a total of 22 schools and among other things stated the proper posture students should during a parade and the correct way to hold a flag pole.
The Union Flag will soon be fluttering proudly on the roof of Portcullis House in Westminster, where MPs have their offices, after Jack Straw, the Leader of the Commons, defied bureaucrats by single-handedly climbing on to the roof to prove that it was nowhere near as dangerous to reach the flag pole as had been claimed.
The issue here is not the American flag, but with the flag pole itself.