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flag consisting of a piece of white cloth that is hoisted to signal surrender or to ask for a truce

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If he had waved a white flag of surrender, he would have been taken alive," the official added.
Like the axing of the Harrier fleet and our aircraft carriers, it leaves a gaping hole in our defence capability and basically signals that we are raising the white flag of surrender to our foes, of which there are many.
The aim of the embargo on the Hamas movement and the Gaza Strip was to force us to raise the white flag of surrender, but Hamas will not break," he added.
Now the country's famed culinary establishment is waving a rare white flag of surrender.
An Al Jazeera correspondent on board the Turkish ship "Mavi Marmara" said the Israeli soldiers continued shooting even though a white flag of surrender had been raised.
A few months ago I waved the white flag of surrender in the realm of love relationships.
It should run up the white flag of surrender - and go now.
He accused Tory leader David Cameron of showing the "white flag of surrender to euro-extremism" in his own party.
The white flag of surrender has certainly not gone up above the The Hawthorns and West Bromwich Albion manager Tony Mowbray has not conceded defeat in his bid to keep Albion in the top flight but he has admitted there is a big gulf between his side and the established Premier League teams.
His plan amounts to "a white flag of surrender in Iraq.
Rather than shoot into a crowd of children, the guards waved the white flag of surrender.
Heading north towards Norway, with no flag of surrender, she was attacked by a Liberator aircraft from RAF 547 Squadron which dropped depth charges.
THE WHITE flag of surrender is being waved on the streets to the yobs and criminals, claims Middlesbrough Mayor Ray Mallon.
Boskamp was understandably livid because his side had indeed thrown up the white flag of surrender after that bright start.
The Senate's plan puts us on the right path, but the House GOP bill waves a white flag of surrender," O'Sullivan said.