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a long narrow inlet of the sea between steep cliffs


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1]-Fosen, the two remaining ferries will be delivered to Fjord 1, and will be 74 meters long, with a holding capacity of 60 cars and up to 199 passengers.
When our group arrived in Geiranger, a visit to the Norwegian Fjord Centre showed me how fjords themselves are formed, as glaciers wear valleys into the mountains, which fill with a mixture of salt water from the sea, melted glacier water.
All in all, it was an incredible trip - our first time in Norway and an amazing way of seeing the splendour of the fjords.
The highlight for me, though, was a trip around the scenic fjords of Oslo on a vintage Norwegian sailing ship, feasting on a haul of fresh shrimp for lunch.
8220;We are very proud of our scenic fjords cruises, with our proud Norwegian heritage, and what better recommendation could there be for the best places to visit in our historic homeland than from the very people who live there.
Bremanger is a small municipality in Fjord Norway with around 4000 inhabitants, situated between the open sea to the west and the fjords of Norway to the east and south.
DOCKED: Cruise liner Boudicca in the city this morning, whereshe will spend the day before heading off on a 10-day cruise of the Norwegian fjords Picture: MIKE PRICE
The new schedule includes a Norwegian fjords itinerary, an extended programme from the UK, as well as cruises to the Baltic, Mediterranean and British Isles, for the 2013 spring season.
Take a five-day cruise along Norway's scenic fjords, all free and streamed live on Norwegian public television.
We knew that these warm waters were reaching the fjords, but we did not know if they were reaching the glaciers or how the melting was occurring," said Straneo, lead author of the new study on fjord dynamics.
Near the coast, the glaciers disgorge into outlet fjords, where they lose ice to the water.
Three hours drive from Bergen is Aurland, a small town on Sogne og Fjordane, one of the largest and most spectacular fjords on Norway's meandering west coast.
Fjord horses plowed the fields, drove the family to town, pulled logs from the woods, carried people and equipment all over the countryside, pulled ships up the fjords and carried Vikings into battle.
ABOARD THE KONG HARALD -- The ship threaded its way among barren islands, forest-rimmed fjords and strings of snow-frosted mountains.