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Effect of sawing stages on fixed-width, fixed-length dimension yields.
Let's take a fixed-width grid that is 960px wide and has 12 columns of 80px each.
The SkyREPORT interface builder reads and extracts data from most files, including any XML or fixed-width file, and easily combines data from different systems, such as general ledger, Wallstreet Suite and other internal systems.
Data exports in a variety of formats, including PDF, XLS, fixed-width, and CSV to manipulate for easy importing into third-party software
Reveal Flip adds greater versatility to Mity-Lite's Reveal multi-function, meeting room table line, which also includes Reveal Fixed-width and the Reveal Duo two-in-one linen-less tables.
Additional new features help users package MATLAB apps for inclusion in the gallery, import data from delimited and fixed-width text files using the Import Tool, and correct mistyped functions and variables in the Command Window.
Liaison supports a wide variety of simple formats, including XML, CSV, fixed-width files, Cobol copybooks, EDI and more, and supports standards built on ebXML, RosettaNet, OAGIS, X12, EDIFACT and others.
A data import wizard to accelerate the process of importing data into Model Builder's native format from a variety of common sources, including fixed-width and delimited text and SAS datasets.
Flat File Support - Adds the ability to use CSV, tab-separated, or fixed-width text files as the sources and/or targets of data mappings.
Data import wizards that support files in ASCII, fixed-width,
EstateVal imports from Cusip/Shares, Dbcams, Estate-Val 4, Faster, FSS, Key Trust, M&I, NBD, NCS11, Northern Unitrust, PNC, SEI Holdings, SEI Assets, Sungard, Tedec, Trust Rite, TrustWare 11/98a, Zane and any user-defined field or fixed-width delimited file.
ATLANTES Messenger supports fixed-width and Extensible Markup Language (XML) data formats.
Softshare Delta is a next-generation data translator capable of mapping both to and from EDI, flat file (from both fixed-width and delimited), XML and OLE DB data sources.
This can vary with the primitive on which it is operating (from 8 to 256 bits wide), resulting in a more efficient use of the architecture than traditional, fixed-width data path graphics accelerator chips.