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This was especially true for the case where only clear, two-face parts were allowed and may be due to the fact that the fixed-width version of the CORY program was used.
Tip--Be sure to convert all the text in your resume to 10-point Courier or another suitable fixed-width font.
Farms with consistent soils across their acreage may find a fixed-width plough suitable, but in most cases an adjustable width facility is recommended, " he says.
Product offerings include facemilling cutters for roughing and finishing; end- and square-shoulder cutting tools with a wide variety of grades, geometries, and styles; and discmills with adjustable or fixed-width cutters for enhanced ease of use.
Lumber width, a very important material property for rough mills that puts a premium on wider, fixed-width cuttings, was the same for the short, medium and long lumber.
According to Nikolai Mentchoukov, CEO, "We are very pleased to have received this prestigious award recognizing our high impact Switzerland Tourism 'Pure White' Campaign with our adaptive LIQWID ad, particularly as it relates to LIQWID's ability to incorporate dynamic HTML creative while creating new, 100% viewable and valuable advertising real estate outside of fixed-width websites.
The SkyREPORT interface builder reads and extracts data from most files, including any XML or fixed-width file, and easily combines data from different systems, such as general ledger, Wallstreet Suite and other internal systems.
Data exports in a variety of formats, including PDF, XLS, fixed-width, and CSV to manipulate for easy importing into third-party software
LIQWID technology also offers flexibility to run a combination of Flash and HTML5 ads on both fixed-width and responsive websites.
Reveal Flip adds greater versatility to Mity-Lite's Reveal multi-function, meeting room table line, which also includes Reveal Fixed-width and the Reveal Duo two-in-one linen-less tables.
Available in a Fixed-width tabletop or in the Reveal Duo drop-panel configuration, Reveal Tables give hospitality and training venues the highest degree of performance, customization, and value.
Additional new features help users package MATLAB apps for inclusion in the gallery, import data from delimited and fixed-width text files using the Import Tool, and correct mistyped functions and variables in the Command Window.
Comprehensive support for global business data sources under Unicode, a uniform, fixed-width, encoded character set.
Liaison supports a wide variety of simple formats, including XML, CSV, fixed-width files, Cobol copybooks, EDI and more, and supports standards built on ebXML, RosettaNet, OAGIS, X12, EDIFACT and others.