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a strong shutter over a ship's porthole that is closed in stormy weather

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While in the "Investigations" a fixed light source was installed to produce the play of colors in the glass or in projections on the wall, Kowanz is now using a traditional, two-dimensional picture surface.
Compared color recognition for retroreflective materials viewed under tungsten-halogen versus metal-halide simulated headlamps, either alone or in combination with various fixed light sources commonly used for sign lighting.
Analysis: To compare light sources at a fixed light level, the appropriate quantitative comparison factor is the amount of potential hazard in units of microwatts of "hazard radiation" per lumen of visible light.
The programme offered by Aeroports de Paris (Pink Sheets:AEOPF) (Paris:ADP) boutiques consists of fixed light therapy areas as well as mobile teams for "express" sessions in boarding lounges.
The Axis Technologies ballast also offers a "tuning" dipswitch feature, allowing a more precise fixed light output to avoid over lighting a room, providing additional energy savings.
Area: about 420 mA,- Fixed light indoors with HPL-coated multiplex frame.
The second phase will involve up to 60 patients who will receive multiple treatments of fixed light doses.
The second phase, with up to 60 patients, will include up to three treatments per patient for photodamaged skin, given at three-week intervals, using fixed light doses with one of the light sources (BLU-U, PDL or IPL).
Last week, the EADS CASA C295 became the lone eligible bidder for the three medium fixed light wing planes needed by PAF.
In all, the company cleared 32,000 square feet in the building, and also replaced wiring, repaired broken windows, fixed lights, tore down walls and refurbished the upstairs for office space.
The 1992 block will have all of its mock-timber windows replaced with new timber fixed lights and genuine timber sliding sashes, frameless glazed shop fronts and fabric retractable canopies.