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an expression whose meanings cannot be inferred from the meanings of the words that make it up

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The trouble with late-Victorian masochistic fantasy, Kucich explains, is that it "exploits a disarticulated middleclass social consciousness" and gives it new form; it is not a fixed expression of social relations so much as equipment designed to generate social discourse (84).
Throughout, the standard opening dialogue format has been abandoned for a different strategy emphasizing gradual progression from the word or fixed expression to sentence building and then to connected discourse in contextualized situations.
In fact, Dave appeared to be staring straight ahead with a serious, yet fixed expression on his face.
So when a large rocking horse that had been lovingly cared for by two enthusiastic stable girls arrived at the October horse sale in his own horsebox, he was quickly dispatched to the fine art department, where his creaking joints and disturbingly fixed expression would be better appreciated.
His fixed expression, his mind on the task, his big plates of meat
Fergie announced this breathtaking discovery on TONIGHT WITH TREVOR McDONALD with a fixed expression of incredulity, as if she were the first person reading out the Dead Sea Scrolls to an expectant world.
I never get a smile, or a wave of thanks, they all pass with that fixed expression,
He used just one fixed expression and one tone of voice as the snooty Clinical Chairman, but still stole every scene.
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