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Using fixed payment models in areas such as the management of multiple chronic diseases and in-hospital procedures and follow-up.
Second, although lotteries generated lower response rates than prepaid fixed payments, it is unclear whether this effect was due to the differential influence of a guaranteed versus chance (lottery-based) payment or to the fact that the guaranteed payments in these studies were all provided unconditionally, whereas lottery entry was conditional upon response.
The time of measurement of compensation under the regulations depends on whether the amount is a fixed payment or not.
The Japanese Federation of Iron and Steel Workers' Unions will seek a biannual bonus scheme combining payments linked to business results with fixed payments in coming wage negotiations with managers, federation officials said Friday.
Fixed payments over fixed periods of time can be initiated at the beginning of the cycle.
BITTER FRUIT: Farm groups that backed a phaseout of government subsidies in return for seven years of fixed payments are angry that House budget writers voted to trim next year's round of checks by 2 percent.
However, if primary physician groups receive fixed payments under managed care contracts, the cash method may be inappropriate for reporting a group's financial performance and managing a practice.
Fixed payments are to be paid regardless of whether any service is provided to city residents.
This powerful option is for those who are concerned with interest rate volatility, and want the peace of mind of having fixed payments for the first 10 years.
The pension agreement requires a moratorium on past service contributions for a 21-month period and fixed payments after that for the 2011 to 2013 period.
Instead, claimants would be promised fixed payments for six months, to rebuild confidence in Gordon Brown's flagship scheme to cut poverty.
Thus, the debt issuance costs would adjust the overall yield based only on the fixed payments under the debt; see Regs.
We could have got it slightly cheaper than that, but I wanted the security and peace of mind of fixed payments," said Miriam, 25, who works in advertising.
These taxpayers began receiving fixed payments from their IRAs or other retirement plans based on the value of those accounts at the time they started receiving payments.
The society and its members still have grave concerns about the introduction of fixed payments for legal aid and I sincerely hope the matter will be debated in detail before Parliament.