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a periodic charge that does not vary with business volume (as insurance or rent or mortgage payments etc

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The Benaroya 6100 building is a cost-effective growth solution which should help us continue to drive down our fixed expenses as a percentage of our revenue while gaining brand new, Class A space with all the amenities we need to retain and attract employees," said Trupanion CEO, Darryl Rawlings.
Simply take the fixed expenses we just talked about and divide it by your gross profit percentage.
It is the contribution out of which all fixed expenses and wages have to be met.
It is so named because it "contributes" toward covering fixed expenses and then towards profits (for a detailed discussion on cost, please see the January-February 2002, Nuts and Bolts of Business in The Physician Executive).
The same reinsurance marketplace that is driving up insurance companies' premiums for healthcare facilities will impact the fixed expenses and the capital requirements of captives.
Stamps uses this as a guideline: Subtract your fixed expenses (rent, credit card payments, utilities, etc.
NEW YORK-Four out of five creditworthy consumers in the United States, eyeing a rise in their fixed expenses of 13 percent, are likely to hold the line or even retrench on their discretionary spending during the year.
This coverage also would provide funds for expenses such as rent, employee salaries, utilities, insurance premiums and similar fixed expenses of operating the business in the owner's absence.
The owners run this business from their home which significantly reduces their fixed expenses.
Features on the individual investor client site include a "What's Your Numbed' calculator to determine if an investor has enough money to cover fixed expenses in retirement.
Repair and maintenance costs dip, fixed expenses climb, administrative expenses rise slightly.
If fixed expenses do not change, then net income also will increase by the same amount.
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