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a periodic charge that does not vary with business volume (as insurance or rent or mortgage payments etc

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The official assured that the fixed charge presently borne by power consumers in Nigeria would be dispensed with as soon as power production rises to an economically sustainable level.
However, the bank's right to rely on a fixed charge on book debts in this way has been delivered a serious blow by a Privy Council Judgment in the case of Brumark Investments.
The fixed charges are 60% lower than ordinary charges or 10 yen for three minutes.
A great deal of this increase in income before fixed charges can be attributed to cost savings reductions and productivity improvements," Berins said.
At the same time, the ACCC considers that irrigators are poorly placed to pay high fixed charges when their incomes have been impacted by drought.
The 'BB+' IDR reflects AEC's good fixed charge coverage ratio that is driven by a consistently performing multifamily property portfolio primarily focused in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions of the U.
Taking into account the effects of gains, FR's earnings covered fixed charges by higher levels.
Rationale for the rating includes Symetra's moderate financial leverage, and good fixed charge coverage.
AmerUs Group's life and annuity businesses have produced steady GAAP earnings, which are more than sufficient to cover fixed charges.
5x, and the ratio of Simon's EBITDA, adjusted to reflect capitalized expenditures, to fixed charges declines to 2.
The Company will continue to explore the opportunity to enhance our senior debt/subordinated debt credit facilities to strengthen our balance sheet and reduce our interest expense and fixed charges.
Northwest Natural Gas Company (NYSE:NWN), dba NW Natural, has completed a multi-step refinancing that will reduce its fixed charges and contribute to earnings in coming years.
31, 2002, AGLR's debt to capitalization ratio approximated 56% with cash flow coverage of fixed charges of about 4.
AmerUs Group's life and annuity businesses have produced steady earnings, which are more than sufficient to cover fixed charges.
Best also expects the holding company to maintain sufficient cash to support its ongoing fixed charges over the near to medium term.