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Synonyms for bayonet

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a knife that can be fixed to the end of a rifle and used as a weapon

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stab or kill someone with a bayonet

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Corporal Eddie Scott (above) had led his unit on a fixed bayonets charge of a Taliban position.
With fixed bayonets atop their M-1 rifles, an intricate drill routine is performed completely without any verbal commands, including rifles flying through the air directly into the hands of opposing Marines.
A certain private followed up his attempt to run through one of his own men after unwisely using fixed bayonets during a search operation in total darkness, by opening the front of a grandfather clock at the Liverpool Golf Club, Hoylake, and attempting to climb inside it with the pendulum, under the misapprehension that it was the door to an orderly room.
Six years later an excited crowd opposed to the landing of the convict ship the Hashemy was prevented from following a delegation of protest to the governor by a double guard of twenty soldiers with fixed bayonets at the Domain gates.
Mounting massive offensives, they drove into the strongest point in the German lines following a consistent pattern of war: massive bombardments, advancing "on line" with fixed bayonets, poor planning and security.
During debate over the measure, one congressman offered this grim recital of official abuses: "Our Army, degraded from its high position of defenders of the country from foreign and domestic foes, has been used as a police; has taken possession of polls and controlled elections; has been sent with fixed bayonets into the halls of State Legislatures in time of peace and under the pretense of threatened outbreak.
It's fixed bayonets time,' according to Phil Maynard, Pertemps Bees director of rugby.
Swiftly the battalion changed front, fixed bayonets and charged home to win the day
The Germans came at us from nowhere with fixed bayonets.
Just before dawn the exhausted Dutch, their ammunition almost expended, fixed bayonets and, shouting their battle cry, gained their objective.
Some of 'em had sabers, others rifles, pistols, fixed bayonets .
In 1935, when a student demonstrator tried to break through a line of troops with fixed bayonets and police armed with Mausers, the police, "began to beat her," Hamilton reports, and "Snow and Victor Keen, the New York Herald Tribune correspondent, rushed over hoping their presence would shame the police into stopping.
y h s " In an extract titled Easter Tuesday Elsie said, "There they were with fixed bayonets and digging trenches in the Green
Servicemen, just back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan, will parade on June 24 with fixed bayonets and with colours flying and take a civic salute in front of the Town Hall.