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a compound (such as ethanol or formaldehyde) that fixes tissues and cells for microscopic study

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a varnish dissolved in alcohol and sprayed over pictures to prevent smudging

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While a number of such "molecular friendly" fixatives do exist, they have not generally come into wide use.
And now Ashland's product roster is even more robust, as the company announced the commercial launch of Advantage 4910 polymer, a hair fixative with a long history of use in hairspray formulations.
Again, with respect to deparaffinization, we followed the official recommendations given to us with the HOPE fixatives.
Then we used the obtained compound as a new fixative in the stabilization of herbal tissues for SEM imaging," Dr.
It was our duty to apply the highest safety standards for the products, identify materials and products that cause adverse reactions, ensure the quality of the products available in the region and identify and analyse allergic substances in the perfume materials and determine the ingredients to ensure that the basic ingredients in the perfume products are primary scents like Modifiers, Blenders and Fixatives Solvents," she said.
University of North Carolina School of Medicine researchers tested whether DNA methylation profiling could be accomplished on melanoma and mole tissues that had been preserved in fixatives for typical pathology examination after biopsy.
Drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline said it would stop making and supplying the popular denture fixatives because they contain zinc.
The second edition expands the material on stool specimen fixatives and reformats the parasite identification section so that relevant pages face each other.
When freezing facilities for biological materials are not available, there is a need for fixatives that allow the examination of single samples for morphological as well as antigen, antibody, or nucleic acid analyses.
An operator simply inserts a sample and selects the test program from the Specially designed test sample holders eliminate the need for grease or other lubricant fixatives.
Fixatives developed in the past were designed for use only on a small scale and in controlled environments, such as inside the containment building for a nuclear-power reactor, notes physicist Christina A.
After drying on plastic surfaces, the virus can survive for up to 48 hours, although commonly used disinfectants and fixatives are effective against it (5).
The company works with Conservation International to obtain a protein-rich Brazil nut meal called morikue that is the basis for conditioners, detanglers and fixatives ($12 to $21.
Both mouthwashes and denture cleansers and fixatives are growing more slowly, at 4%-5% over the same period and are losing market share.
Phthalates, compounds used as plasticizers and fixatives and found in diverse products including cosmetics and lotions, may be a culprit as well.