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an officer holding the highest rank in the army

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being sent over the top by their five-star general Richard Park, the man ramping up the Capital Radio takeover of BRMB and its sister service, XTRA-am, which had only been launched on April 4, 1989.
I doubt that he's much different in his investing approach now, although his fund has declined from five-star general to one-star brigadier.
However, David Eisenhower also translates the tensions between the Kennedy administration and Eisenhower and his staff over issues such as Eisenhower's request to reclaim his five-star general status, the Bay of Pigs debacle, civil rights, and the space race.
military forces, but I have yet to see him on parade as a five-star general.
Former five-star General David Petraeus stood down as director of the CIA after just over a year in charge.
Her biography, while centered on her life as the wife of a low-ranked second lieutenant rising to the rank of five-star general, supreme commander during World War II, returning to become a university president, then on to the presidency of the United States, and finally retirement, is much more than that.
He will play a prisoner who becomes a reluctant hero by opposing a bid by a five-star general to turn the convict population of a maximum security prison into his own 1,200-man army.
YOU need the tactics of a football manager, the strategy of a five-star general and the patience of a saint.
Flattered to be working so close to the five-star general, Marsh soon discovers he is ensnared in a web of intrigue as he discovers MacArthur is in unlikely collusion with Japan's emperor.
HE was just one of the foot soldiers at the start of the season but Sergeant Cecil has marched to the top of the racing hill and became as battle-hardened as a five-star general.
He finds himself up against a five-star general (Redford), who is now a prisoner and who sets about organising his prison-bound troops.
Habibie, his wife Hasri Ainun and Head of the Presidential Households Mohammad Basyuni sent separate bouquets of flowers to the retired five-star general.
Darman should know that Eisenhower was a five-star general.