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Synonyms for cinquefoil

any of a numerous plants grown for their five-petaled flowers

an ornamental carving consisting of five arcs arranged in a circle

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This research found that multiple sandblasting at the one- and five-leaf or the one-, three-, and five-leaf stages produced consistently high levels of weed control throughout the growing season.
My uncle Dave did some research and found that five-leaf clovers are supposed to mean money.
Push and colleagues (1992) reported that the best time to apply herbicides after vegetative Bntazvn, Atrazine, and a five-leaf stage of corn is Syanazyn [12].
Scores are displayed using an easy-to-follow five-leaf icon, with two leaves set as the default and five leaves being the maximum achievable score.
A local phenomenon in the Pelister National Park is the five-leaf pine Molika discovered for the first time in 1839 by Austrian botanist Grizenbach.
Mentioned only briefly thus far has been gathering 6M, which is untouched in the three sets of holdings discussed up to this point; 6M's retention of its original state in the Marsh's Library, Trinity College, and National Library holdings, despite its censorship and reduction to a five-leaf state in, for example, some British copies, call into question recent propositions of a system of censorship of the 1587 Chronicles which would have seen 6M as always among the first gatherings to be censored.
On Tuesday, Cato Crane will be offering a good mahogany breakfront bookcase which should realise pounds 5,000-pounds 7,000 and a five-leaf pollarded oak extending dining table with a nice golden brown colour and original patina, which could achieve pounds 6,000.