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Synonyms for cinquefoil

any of a numerous plants grown for their five-petaled flowers

an ornamental carving consisting of five arcs arranged in a circle

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We framed that one and will now be framing the five-leaf one.
The minimum relative water contents were observed when drought was imposed from five-leaf stage.
Last year, in corn with its full complement of weeds, we were able to get season-long weed-control levels of 80 to 90 percent using two treatments of the abrasive grit--one at the first-leaf stage and the second at the three- or five-leaf stage of corn growth," Forcella says.
Five-leaf clovers turn up sometimes, and the (http://www.
To determine al what point in the crop cycle this weed control was most effective, sandblasting was performed from the one- to five-leaf stages of corn growth.
A LUCKY youngster has found a five-leaf clover - and now she's bracing herself for riches.
A local phenomenon in the Pelister National Park is the five-leaf pine Molika discovered for the first time in 1839 by Austrian botanist Grizenbach.
Right now, there is just one five-leaf hotel, the solar-powered Aurum Lodge in Alberta.